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InstaComposer 2 Wrapper Version 1.0
InstaComposer 2 Wrapper Version 1.0

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I'm interested in testing a windows version

OK reuploaded


How do I get the update?
My version is 0.5

Fantastic device.
Hours of fun and sounds amazing.

Any chance you could make the "manual" buttons for stretch and repeat
midi mappable?


Hi Gad

This is still my all time favorite device.

Can make a chimp on a keyboard (or even me) sound like Mozart.

Thanks for the quick response.
It doesn't open a browser.

But when I type anything into the registration box, the GUI opens, and I can click on the "love me" then the donate button, then web browser opens.

I've contacted, maybe they can issue an authorization code.


Great idea.
When I "click here" nothing happens.
I already have a Freesound account.