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Name | Version: Advanced Step Sequencer 2.0
Author: Rozzer
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This step sequencer is quite unlike the Step Sequencer bundled with M4L.

It's a live.grid based sequencer - notes, gate, tie, velocity and two control changes. What's unique about it is that you can set different loop points for each of those elements, which allows for anything from simple 303-style basslines to endlessly evolving, rotating, mutating melody lines.

The other unique thing about this is that it's designed to work solely within musical scales. The sequencer grid adapts itself to whatever scale you choose. Choose a chromatic scale, and you get a full 12 steps to play with, but choose a pentatonic scale and the grid automatically adapts itself to show only 5 rows (notes). You don't need to know any music theory to get great results.

Add to all that a bunch of useful randomization options and it becomes a really useful tool.

Top tip - Rack these up and put several each in their own chain for mad polyphonic polyrhythmic sequences.


2.0 - Working in Live 10. Replaced 2x MIDI CC sequencers with 5x direct parameter control sequencers.

1.0.6 - Fix for unresponsive settings buttons in Live 9 / Max 6.

1.0.5 - Proper naming for automate-able parameters.

1.0.4 - New syncing/clock system. Fixes several bugs and allows the sequencer to lock to song position.

1.0.2 - Fixed a problem with sequencer not starting on first launch.


Live Version Used: 10.0.5
Max Version Used: 8.0.0
Date Added: Mar 02 2010 08:42:18
Date Last Updated: Feb 01 2019 10:13:00
Downloads: 82457
License: AttributionNonCommercial
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Device File: Rozzer - Advanced Step Sequencer v2.0.amxd


Awesome patch! Would it be hard to add APC40/Launchpad support?
Most excellent, I really like functionality and layout, thanks!
Maybe a swingfunction ? Most seqs seem to be missing that.
Is wonderful as it is though.
Need no music theory...!?!

Must be the ideal thing for me...!!!
hi rozzer, great work, and thanks. a point though - all the automation / modulation appears under unusable generic object names (like live.numbox[1] etc). could you look into naming all your parameters etc with rozzer-type names and ordering them? my names suck, (and i do hate to use edits of others devices, (!)). thanks again!
Hi pp. Absolutely, I am aware that needs doing. Pure laziness on my part. Will fix in an update soon :)
different loop points and musical scales are doing a lot of job for me!!! saves my time...
is it posibile to add patches so it can be automated? or somehow add to clips. or maby i'm not diggin it...
Thanks for the suggestions mdrfdr. Patches would be nice, but it seems that the Preset object does not support live.grid at this time. I've been told Ableton will fix that at some point.

What do you mean by adding clips?
I mean like you work with audio clip in arrangement view, and then you export slices in new midi track... but nevermind that, that was stupid suggestion.
Adding any option, any way to make ASS work through diferent phrases in track will be great! ;)
P.S. And people, how do you get it ? Adding more than one ASS and enableing and disableing them in arrangement ?
I tend to just record the output to a midi clip when I'm happy with the sequence.

I do want to think more about live performance features though so I'll bear your request in mind. Another thing I want to add is transposition via midi input, so you could transpose the whole sequence, but still have it output in the correct key and scale.
is there anyway to export a pattern from the sequencer to "midi clip" pattern. So I can work with it as an ordinary midi pattern (midi clip) with the grid and the keyboard on the left?
covent - see the comment above yours.
Love this sequencer! thanks so much Rozzer for your great work. just one question, i cant figure out how to use the cc controllers section, am i missing something? i figure out a parameter's midi cc number under the midi mapping tab in live and then change the knob to that same number, nothing happens. any ideas?
Disregard, Figured it out. Thanks again for the wonderful step sequencer!
After heavy use i have to say this one is very usefull intuitive and lot of fun!!!
Beautiful device! But I do not get the tie thing: I would expect it to holde the first note that appears during the tie as long as long as there is a consecutive set of ties. But if I look at the MIDI notes that is not the case. So how can I use the ties e.g. with simpler?
Is there anyway to make the random buttons midi-mappable
I am a heavy user and I would really love to have it midi-mappable
Thanks for making this in the first place
I love this thing. There are a couple of improvements I would like to see (like the ability to automate named parameters and not just generic MIDI CCs, and being able to record realtime edits to the sequence as MIDI data) but this is a terrific tool for putting together some nicely layered grooves.
hey just wanted to say that presets recall the settings for the livegrids and other live stuff now, at least in max519. I wasted a lot of time trying to use pattr objects for the livegrid and livenumber objects, which doesn't work - has to use autopattr for the live objects and then the pattrstorage can access them properly as far as i can tell. Thanks so much rozzer for this really versatile step sequencer. You are great.
Very strange, none of the random buttons make any changes for me. Am I overlooking something obvious?
... also noticed that the "arrow" controls for each parameter also do nothing. I'm guessing it's a problem with my system since nobody else reported it.

Exactly the same here, no random or move notes functionality. Live 9, M4L 6.1.
Apart from that - a lovely little tool ;)
Since updating to Live 9 and max 6.2. It dose not fully work for me too. Big shame I love this sequencer.
Push support would be awesome. No sequencer has managed it properly yet :(
Hi all,

Random buttons are now working in Live 9.

- Rozzer

What can I say, instantly playable and so much fun. Thanks very much for your hard work in putting this together, love it to bits.

Basil Zorch
Hey this is a great user interface on this one.. but the pentatonic and blues scales are not the right intervals.. unless I'm missing something.. the major seems to be good.. other ones I have not checked yet.. do you think you will ever fix this? thank you!
just awesome. LOVE the ability to adjust the loop length for each parameter ;)

Exactly the thing I've been hunting for, perfect for sequencing monophonic hardware, interesting scales, great interface!

Nice work.
Hi, great work!
In the future will be possible mapping midi for every step?
Would be awesome!

Hi and we'll done for this fantastic device! Just one question from a live novice 😉 are there any ways I can change patterns in one single track using midi ? Or how do I stop it if I want to use another patern with another synth?
Random buttons & arrows have stopped working in Live 9.7.1 :(
It's very good to use it for 303 but then you need to do it SLIDE!!!
Hi, great arpeggiator, I only have problems with the CC, even when assigned to a parameter it seems not to work on VST
cannot load your file no matter how I try...spent 1 hr 1/2 trying to get it to show up in NOTHING can download the file ok, but will not load, very very frustrating!!! Using Ableton 10 Live suite latest update.. tried every link and webpage available..
Heard a lot about the rozzer. Sadly enough the sequencer can not be started in Ableton Live 10.. Any suggestions?
Hi Maxluca,

I use Rozzer in Live 10 without any problems, so not sure its. aLive 10 issue.
Hi all,

An update, nothing groundbreaking, but big enough to call v2. MIDI CC sequencers have been replaced with direct parameter control. Much more flexible for any automation within Live. Enjoy.

Rozzer, just wanted to say your sequencer is the best, and beats the majority of commercial m4l sequencers.
Question: Is there anyway to (jitter) map the @sensitivity@ parameter in the Ableton sampler slice mode?
Question, I try to download the advanced step sequencer device on my mac however, the file that appears in my download folder is titled, Rozzer - Advanced Step Sequencer v2.0.amxd presentation, once opened.

Can you advise if the device is available or maybe I'm making a basic mistake.

Many thanks!
Resolved :)
Hi Rozzer, the features of this (surprisingly) free product are incredible. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble using your device in any kind of dark theme. Many of the parameter and button labels become indistinguishable from the background. Is there a way to fix it?
Hi Rozzer!

In ableton 10.1.7, if you open more than one instance of Rozzer, the 2nd one either doesn't run... or takes like 3 min until it starts running!

I don't know what might be, but here is the tip :)
Hi !
On my mac, i can't figure out how to unmap a map control, do you guys find a way ?
Great device - Tks APC40 support would be sik!
It’s stopped working for me on Ableton 10.1.7
Hope there’s a fix. Best sequencer by far.
How do I get this software to open as part of Ableton and not in its own separate page ?
"This device is not available in this version of Live."
This goes for Ableton 11.0.5.
Is there gonna be another update for this version?
This is fantastic!
It worked for me only on version 10.0.5. Version 10.1.3 and above, everything ended with a program crash (
Hey, this thing is great, but I noticed a bug.

When I record the MIDI into a new track to save the sequence, it doesn't bring along the Param01-Param05 sequence data -- only pitch/octave/velocity data. The Param Sequencing is probably the most powerful feature of this, so this seems like an odd omission.

Other things that IMO would be great additions:
-Ability to lock a step to exclude it from randomization
-Ability to sequence Note Length(Gate time)
-Ability to set a randomization range for pitch/oct/vel
-For certain params, when using the up/down arrow buttons to move the sequenced values up and down, it would be cool if you could toggle the "wrapping" effect off, so that for example if you moved the velocity arrow up, once a note hit 127 it stayed there as you continued moving the rest of the notes up, sort of "squeezing" things into a closer range.
Could you add individual presets to the notes, gate, tie, velocity and two control changes? that way you could save individual presets for each of those and combine together.
This thing is amazing, only two things would make it my favorite step sequencer:

1. Transpose with incoming MIDI
2. A tab for gate length
3. Ability to rename Param1-5 to more descriptive labels
Otherwise this is impressive and musical and just a lot of fun!

Hi, I'm a student and would appreciate your time if you could answer some questions regarding Max MSP, I've made a form.

Thanks for your time in advance!
Hi Rozzer.

Great Sequencer. Are there any news about the "more than one instances" topic?

Thank you
The text is white for me i cant see any of the Texts in the Settings. Can anyone help or is this a known problem?

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