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hello furiousgreencloud)

It would be nice if the output of this sequencer could be attracted to any parameter that I choose!
I suggest you make an excellent original device and evaluate it - the buyers will!
I can make a video about his work!

It's very good to use it for 303 but then you need to do it SLIDE!!!

Make a new version paid and you will have a buyer!
I'm the first to buy this for a reasonable price!
1-The picture should be 16 steps, and you have 15 ...
2-Learn midi note use the range from 1-128! Otherwise, you get an error for one note!
3-Pulse length:
1/2 1/2T
1/4 1/4T
1/8 1/8T
1/16 1/16T
1/32 1/32T
and SHUFFLE: 0-127
4-Rotate=OFF SET
Your device is excellent!
I'll wait for the new version ...
Thank you!

hi furiousgreencloud!
Make those corrections in step!
Trio notes and shuffle!
I'm willing to pay for it!

Cool staff!
It is very important to make the parameter OFF SET that would move the pattern!
I would be glad if you did it)