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One Knob Filter Version 1.0

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No changes, just changed the download link.

I mean that I am way too lazy to save my patterns as presets. I just need the current pattern to be saved when I save my liveset, and to be recalled when I open Live. I implemented my own sequencer which does just that.

Ah, ok. Then it works. Not my usecase then, though. But thanks for the reply.

Hey, I like it, works nicely for creating beats. One thing though: When I reload the set, the sequencer is blank. Beats are not saved :( I though because you use live. objects, alle settings are saved?

Thanks for any help!

Hi, why is the last sequencer row red? I cannot see any difference in the patch.

Beautiful device! But I do not get the tie thing: I would expect it to holde the first note that appears during the tie as long as long as there is a consecutive set of ties. But if I look at the MIDI notes that is not the case. So how can I use the ties e.g. with simpler?

Hey, nice plugin. There is one problem, though: for me, the selection of the target parameter is not saved. Each time I reload the set I have to re-set the target parameter for each plugin instance that I use. That makes it difficult to use more than a couple of times. Would it be possible to save the chosen parameter and reload it when the set is loaded?