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About tunabee: Synth pop / Powerpop nerd. I am eclectic. I also love programming, so maybe I'll create some M4L devices in the near future!
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This thing is amazing, only two things would make it my favorite step sequencer:

1. Transpose with incoming MIDI
2. A tab for gate length
3. Ability to rename Param1-5 to more descriptive labels
Otherwise this is impressive and musical and just a lot of fun!

Very cool so far! I'd like to see more modulation options, but this + the Max LFO's + EQ8 + Envelope is amazing!

This file seems to have been corrupted.

This file seems to have been corrupted.

I was actually about to make something to do this myself--glad you beat me to it! Thanks for making Ableton Step-able!

Currently listed as NonCommercialShareAlike. Should be listed as commercial. This is the actual link to the software, and as you can see it is commercial: