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Thanks SOOO much for this freebie. I dont know if there is any other out there that provides rhythmic measure in Hz which is REALLY crucial when you're trying to sync up stuff! (IE- the LFO in Ableton's newly rebuilt stock "Delay"...)
Saved me a lot of calculator work ;]

Love the freebie version! Is the Pro version polyphonic?

can't wait to abuse this goodie. I have several ideas that have just been realized by manipulations of Hocket. I am certain this will be the coolest purchase I've made in a quite a while. This is a brilliant idea. Kudos, Sir!

agreed- if its an easy addition, the option of having toggler as a momentary OR a "switch" would be too cool ;]

totally badass. LOVE this one.
Keep them Bleeps a'comin' ;]

AUDpiPOde_A_0v05_mr is perfect! Thanks soooo much for perseverance on this great re-imagining, synthesizerwriter!

once again: LOVE the design and function options!
...the feedback is only repeating once no matter the setting though...

elegant device!
Thanks for the inclusion of all the sync values and the tidy way to nudge them ;]
... but unless I am doing something wrong, I get no "ping pong" ...just mono delay. there is no wet signal bouncing from L to R ...
also, not sure how the dry/wet is supposed to work since once one turns up the feedback knob from its most CCW position, wet signal comes thru even if the dry/wet knob is in full CCW position
am I missing something?

This is perhaps my favorite M4L device in the last 6 month at least!
beautiful design and sound!
One feature request (if possible?) ... the "reverse buffer" (vertical animation) appears to be locked to one tempo/speed/size... is there any way to add parameters to adjust the speed/size without making the GUI too cluttered?

Thanks so very much for the very quick fix. its perfect and even MORE flexible ;)

really nice "realtime" changeable reverb! love the elasticity!!!
I do have a small concern that the volume in the left channel is a bit higher than the right? ... I have tried several different inputs and various settings on Jverb and this seems to be a consistent behavior... Please advise?

Thanks again for such an awesome light weight and great sounding gem!

Stevie... my name is blortblort and I am a delay-a-holic.
seriously... I own an obscene number of delay devices and would not give up most of them.
your Sequential Delay is brilliant.
there have been others that have attempted to do this sort of thing, but they do NOT measure up to what you have achieved here.
Sure there are a lot more bells/whistles that you *could* have chosen to incorporate into this gem, but I love the way what you DID choose to include work together...not sure what if anything I would suggest to add!

free is way too generous. Unbelievable for a first post device. Cant wait for your next work!


aww man.
glad I looked at the specs before I hit the purchase button ;]
I would gladly pick up this gem were it available for Win 7!

Site is down? Please advise?

site is down? please advise?

another awesome tool!

is there room to add looping of the envelope in various stages? (similar to looping options available in Ableton's 'Analog' amp envelope, perhaps?)

again- Thanks for the great devices!

elegant layout. easy to use. LOTS of possibilities!!! #InstantPurchase ;]

I've been searching for a M4L or VST equivalent to Reason's "NoteEcho" utility. Manual Delay does nearly ALL the things that I have been wanting out of NoteEcho...but it does it in audio instead of MIDI ;)

Is there a possibility of building a MIDI "version" of your Manual Delay ...and if so, could you include the ability to set number of steps in the "delay" and add a clock division function to assign "ratcheting" repeat per step (AND ...have the ability to adjust the steps in the 'clk div' sequence independent of the 'delay' sequence???)

yes... it's probably too early to start a Christmas wishlist, but ...this MIDI version would be one it for sure ;]

certified crazy good.
I am a delay junkie and approve this message ;]

seriously awesome work. Thanks so much for this, ErnstHot!

awesome. these are my favorite type of device: clean, clear, design...simple and powerful ;]

Thanks sooo much for your work, dric!

GREAT device!
is it possible to make an option so when MIDI keys are mapped to the buttons, the key presses act as "momentary" instead of "latch/hold"?

IE-when I release the mapped MIDI key, the button on STUTTER2 is released as well...


audio treasure solves the problem I had when I changed to a 64bit system: I could no longer use an old no longer available 32bit vst (Benedict Roff-Marsh's PreRoll Recorder)! Wonderful to have this functionality back again!

IS there a possibility that you could include the option of a longer "buffer" for recording? Something more than 2minutes... perhaps 15min, just to be on the safe side? ;]

er... "IT" would be awesome to be able to PLAY the effect that way... is what I meant to put =P

Thanks sooo much for this!
would it possible to have all the 16 steps MIDI mappable (on/off)?
I would be awesome to be able to PLAY the effect that way ;]

any way to implement this to be able to use a standard MIDI keyboard as a control surface? video looks awesome...would love to be able to "play" the clip like that via keys ;]

Hi amalgam,
I believe that the Bart method only works ( present) for mac
kgunessee has not chimed back in to confirm if there is to be any further update...certainly hope there is! this would really be nice if it worked on win ;]

quest confirmed the BartSchuller method works on mac
kEllZ confirms success via BartSchuller method as well...
KEllZ- are you on mac or pc?

BTW...per the instructional video, for me...there IS no *.mxe version of vb.stretch~ in the zip file I pulled down from if you are working from the info in the video, how are you able to make this work?...unless you are on a mac system?

"- Unzip it and place the contents next to the Audio Stretcher.amxd"

...ya lost me with "place the contents NEXT to Audio Stretcher.amxd"...

do you mean place the contents of the in the same FOLDER as Audio Stretcher.amxd?
If that is the case, this does not make the playhead appear when I load Audio Stretcher.amxd in Live...

having the Paulstretch functionality in this interface would be the best...hope the playhead issue can be resolved...I can get nothing from the device as is...even added vb.stretch~ to Max library in hopes that would do it...nada...

regarding the mathematical function symbols, I can identify the meaning for all above:
+ = addition
- = subtraction
* = multiplication
/ = division
^ =...err... can't find what this one represents! can you tell me? is it a "to the power of" symbol? if not, what?


very very cool! Thanks so much!

LOVE this! there is not enough exploitation of sideband madness out there. so glad to see more explorations into that land ;]

quite awesome and quite useful!... DOES create output delay, but that can pretty much be dialed out by ear...turned my track back by 42ms and all sounds in sync again.
I had hammered together a rack that did the same sort of wow and flutter thing using the native and other M4L fx, but THIS covers much more territory and is MUCH easier to work with ;)

498 dl's? niiiiice!

Great idea!...but am I doing something wrong? while I can turn off and on steps by left mouse click, I cannot draw in any "graph amounts" (the blue part)... is there some key to hold down while drawing with the mouse or something?

Please advise?

VERY awesome delay device! a little reminiscent of Angstrolooper but LOVE the ability to jump to different times. quite nice effects created using the unique abilities in Dela ;)

Thanks so much for this!

I love the idea...but I've not been able to get this goodie to output audio so I don't know if what I'm doing is "right" in terms of how I'm "setting" and storing the chopped clip sections...
do you have a video of how to operate Simple Clip Chop?
...not so simple for me to figure out ;]

is there a way to route MIDI input to the (1,2 or 3) "voice" sources?

just awesome. LOVE the ability to adjust the loop length for each parameter ;)