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Name/Version: P-4L II 1.0
Author: ricoL  
Description: P_4L II is a synthesizer built around the incredible and iconic Plaits eurorack module by Mutable Instruments.

It's also an elaboration on my earlier device - just way better now.


[[ This device is currently only available for mac - It doesn't work on Windows ]]*

More than just a clone, it is an entire modular ecosystem with Plaits as the core sound generator, including everything you need to properly utilize the huge sound creation capabilities it offers. Additionally, while operating in Poly or Unison modes, it has an independent oscillator for each voice, and 7 voices, so really it has 7 Plaits oscillators at its disposal.

If I had a modular synth with 7 copies of Plaits I wouldn't want to be limited to using the same settings in each one. With that in mind, P_4L II was conceived as a multi-timbral instrument where each voice can have unique settings for all of the most important parameters. To achieve this, it employs per-voice variation controls that evenly distribute the parameter values above and below the displayed knob value. This keeps the user interface simple while enabling the selection of distinct values for a parameter across all voices using a single control.

All features and sound engines from the original Plaits are included, 16 Models, the internal envelope and low pass gate emulation, all patchable inputs and attenuverters etc.

P_4L II contains the following global ‘modules’:

2 complex multi-mode LFOs, tempo synced or free running
a Random Voltage Generator with 4 custom algorithms
a velocity sensitive ADSR with 2 switchable response curves
a clock generator, tempo synced or free running
a modulation patch bay with attenuation

P_4L II has up to 7 voices, each voice contains:

a virtual Plaits oscillator, complete with internal envelope / LPG, designated Level control, and dual outputs, with all parameters exposed for modulation either internally, via Live, or both.
a great sounding ladder filter with 6 filter types, drive controls, and capable of self oscillation
a Sample & Hold that can act as a manual voltage offset (allowing for more, and more precise multi-timbral control)
an independent oscillator output (pre-filter) for audio-rate self modulation

Some other nice features:

modulation attenuation and inversion built into parameter knobs
4 pitch detune modes - Prog, Equal, Power, and Drift
a momentary octave shift control
adjustable width, panning each voice in the stereo field
MIDI velocity, aftertouch, and key tracking as modulation sources
Ableton Push integration
automatic random patching

This device is for use in Ableton Live - Live Suite or a Max for Live License is needed

Original Plaits code by Émilie Gillet -
This is not a Mutable Instruments Product.

vb.mi.plts~ Max External created by Volker Böhm
Implementation of a Moog Ladder filter by Peter McCulloch

Device Details

Tags synth
Live Version Used: 11.3.2
Max Version Used: 8.5.6
Date Added: Jan 20 2024 05:59:14
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Device Type: instrument_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionShareAlike


Thanks so much for your M4L devices. This your extended now polyphonic Plaits emulator appears to be the best Plaits yet for Ableton Live.

The .amxd works and is really cool. The .adv presets give a live message saying they appear to be broken. Could be that I'm on Live 10 suite

Parameters are not mappable my e.g. lfos.

@waldgeist i think you can click on the value (number below the knob) to map your lfos..
@ricoL does this make the knob works as an offset? it seems not but i'm asking just to be sure. Thank you for sharing such beautiful devices for free!

I noticed today I can't map knobs like morph and timbre to group macros or an LFO parameter to them but others like Drive I can

from the manual: "Automation and midi mapping for a parameter value can be achieved by clicking on the knob value display underneath the knob for that parameter (because the dual knobs are custom UI elements they control live objects under the hood for automation and recall)."

Any plans for a Windows version at any point? I love the layout and idea of this synth!

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