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Absolute great device. Lots to discover. Thank you :)

Parameters are not mappable my e.g. lfos.

or anything that lets us draw more complex functions than just an ADSR?

Could you add the functionality to set the volume of the bands please?

could you model boss distortion too? would you be willing to explain how you do it?

Could you add a darkmode? Like the old one had.

Could u update this so the notes are different length depending on the timescale it gets triggered by? a 1/16th note should be 1/16th long and 1/2 note should be 1/2 long right?

could you maybe add cuving parameters?

Id request a feature to draw the waveform as a line without fill please.

Can you update the controls please? Not working well on Live 11

The link on your website does not work. Cant buy.

Could you maybe add an option so the device automatically scans through all the devices and creates pictures by itself and organizes it? I got so many devices it will take a long time to do this all manually...

Some numbers are hardly readable, please update the design

We can't set the tempo yet right? 1/4, 1/16th... and so on. this option would be very great to have.
And maybe more lanes?

helo helo pleas respond

Hello, great device. however, could you add an lfo that controls the gate? So we can generate random patterns? Please :)
And let us set max and min values for the lfos?