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Name | Version: Step Arpeggiator 1.5
Author: UdoRBrauna
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Step Arpeggiator is a pattern-based arpeggiator.

This device was originally published two years ago and has more than 2300 downloads.
Now I finally had time to update it and improve it!



Program a pattern and it will play the notes of the chord according to the pattern.

You can save up to 16 patterns that will save with the live set, and you can store them on an external file to use it whenever you want.

The patterns can be up to 32 steps long and up to 16 simultaneous notes.

In the matrix, you can select one or more cells to trigger a single note or a chord in every step.
And with the lower row, you can select if you want to play the next or previous note, that way you can set the arpeggiator to "up" or "down" like any other arp.

Round-robin mode: If the chord played has less notes than the arpeggiator pattern, you can select what to do with the highest notes: round-robin, top-note or no-note, and it will show a visual representation accordingly.

Visual Swing mode: When you click at the swing amount, it will open a visual representation of the musical notation of what it's doing. This way you know if you're playing like a "triplet" swing (2:1), or like a "quintuplet" (3:2), etc.

And of course, Step Arpeggiator has all the other things an arpeggiator have. Like Sync/Free Rate (with triplets and dotted notes), Duration (aka Gate) of every note, Swing on/off, Swing Amount (groove), Retrigger options, a Transpose option, etc.



- Fixed a bug related to the Free mode not working.

- Now the arpeggiator stays in sync when exporting or freezing a track.

- Fixed a bug that the rate knob didn't save properly when the Live's transport wasn't playing.
- If you have a problem when looping in arrangement view, just update your Max app. They fixed it at 8.5.2

- Fixed minor visual bugs
- Fixed a bug that you had to update the rate knobs when reopening the plugin
- Added a random pattern button
- Slightly changed colors. Now it should change according to your Ableton skin
- Added the option to automate and midi-map the loop braces and the presets
- Fixed a sync-time bug
- Added support for Ableton push devices
- Other minor things like the names inside the automation lanes

- Fixed a bug that constantly overwrited Undo changes. (thanks @16x16)
- Fixed a bug that when in Free mode and Swing activated, it tried to make the swinged notes based on the transport position.


Live Version Used: 11.1
Max Version Used: 8.5.2
Date Added: Jan 29 2023 21:45:37
Date Last Updated: May 30 2023 14:36:57
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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The more I think about this device..the more brilliant it gets. Its so simple and can get so complex, because its seperating rhythm from notes. Makes jamming much easier for me. Great update and worth the price!
Thank you very much!
If you enjoy this device, a rating at my gumroad will be appreciated! ;)
This is definitely not a priority, but I am a sucker for seamless UI's, and I know you've been porting over the UAD UI's. I would love if the theme of this device was similar to the native Ableton devices! would elevate the experience even more!
It's great, but when automating a change of presets it often causes a click/scratch sound. The weird thing is that the sound isn't recorded via export/resample and it even happens if the track with this on is muted. It even happens if I disable the instrument on the track. I've updated to the latest version of Ableton (11.2.10) and Max For Live (8.5.3) and it still happens. As I'm not using this in a live performance context and it doesn't get recorded/exported it's not the end of the world, but it's frustrating and means I'll have to find an alternative if I want to play a gig. :(
Hey ArgentStar, I'm trying to replicate your problem but it works well on my machine.
From what you are saying, it probably is a spike on the cpu (because it's doing it also when the track is muted).
If you want, you can send me a video of the problem at with your machine information.

Thank you!
Does anybody else get consistent crashes when automating this device on & off, when there are two or more of them?
Hey Matthewgilesmusic, I'm trying to replicate this error but it works fine in my computer. What Max version are you using? Maybe try updating?

Thanks for your feedback.
Wow, I was looking for a device that would let me harmonize sequences by just playing chords and this is EXACTLY what I wanted! It also has a very well thought out and complete feature set. This is absolutely one of the top devices out there and it immediately became an essential part of my workflow. Also the UI is clean and nice looking. Thank you for making this!
Thank you Stakk3r for your words. I'm glad you like the device! :)
super nice device. really enjoying it - the one thing I am missing is per note velocity. That would help give it a more organic groovy vibe.
@moserobert definitely something that I will add in a future 2.0 update!
still a favourite device - agree per note velocity and tie notes would be great.

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