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Wow, I was looking for a device that would let me harmonize sequences by just playing chords and this is EXACTLY what I wanted! It also has a very well thought out and complete feature set. This is absolutely one of the top devices out there and it immediately became an essential part of my workflow. Also the UI is clean and nice looking. Thank you for making this!

Yeah that is nice.

BTW, you can set the kit change to the same channel as the pattern. The downside is that then both kit and pattern change at the same time, but it does work as kit recall in the DAW as long as you don't care about the pattern.

Moog's official plugin for the Sub 37 is also perfect — it automatically always reflects what the hardware is doing and vice versa. Perfect recall of the hardware state when you save/load your project, no patch saving needed. It's exactly like using a soft synth, except it's hardware :-) I also have a 3rd party Ctrlr plugin for the Korg Prologue that does this.

So, dunno if it's a hardware thing or not. I also tried this Ctrlr plugin for the TR-8S, which goes a bit further in that it recalls the knob positions when you load the project, but it doesn't really work because it doesn't recall everything and you still have to use kits. It was just too much hassle for me, so I prefer your device :-)

Note: tested it a bit more and talked with Elbo, and yeah, the kit change with External Device does have the problem as described :-/ But it's an Ableton issue, so we just have to live with it.

Ahh yes, I see what you mean. I wasn't paying precise enough attention to what it was doing... It works exactly as you said. On the same track with External Instrument, it changes the pattern and on a separate MIDI track it works as it should (just the kit changes).

If only the kit channel was the one where it sends all other MIDI data, and not pattern channel... :-/ Maybe should ask Roland for that option. They have been doing updates after all, so it's not totally impossible :-) I mean, the ultimate option would be if that new TR Editor was not standalone but a plugin that would capture and recall full hardware state... But in real life, I'm glad to have this device :-)

I'm actually using the TR-8S version of your device, but wanted to just come over here and thank you for making the original! :-)

The kit change seems to work for me on the same track as the External Instrument, not sure if I misunderstood what you meant in the readme?

Wow, this seems to be the best M4L device for the TR-8S so far! Thank you for the TR-8S conversion, and I'll have to thank Elbo on his page :-)

The readme says kit change doesn't work if it's on the same track as the External Instrument, but it works just fine for me?

This is SO useful, thank you!

Just checking if you got my email — sent it quite a while back already. Sometimes my emails go to spam for some fun reason :-P

This is great, thank you! Bought my copy.

I only wish it could capture the current patch on the synth, but maybe it's not possible?

Also, I have other similar devices that don't need to have monitoring set to IN. They always capture what's happening on the synth even if the track is not monitored or armed. Maybe it would be possible to implement it here too?



I just bought this — mostly works great and also looks fantastic, so thank you for making this!

One major issue I've found is that it remembers the selected MIDI IN port only if all the connected MIDi devices stay exactly the same. For example, if I have a synth or a MIDI controller connected that wasn't there when I saved the device setting with the project, it selects a wrong device. It's as if the selected MIDI IN device isn't remembered by name, but by number.

This is quite annoying, so I'd be really grateful if you could fix this! (Running Live 11 BTW.)

A minor cosmetic bug I've found is that the LFO light blinking frequency only changes when you move the virtual Rate slider with the mouse. It doesn't change when you move the real slider on the SH-01A, even though the virtual slider also moves.

Finally, I wonder what's happening when I change the preset on the SH-01A... I know you stated somewhere that it will not load presets from the hardware, but SH-01A does send all CC:s when it changes the patch and it seems your device is at least PARTLY reacting to them... Is it sending too much data too fast or what? Would be great if I could get those patches from the hardware, but oh well, I guess I'll just have to recreate them if it's not possible :-)


Hi! This is exactly what I was looking for, so I was super happy to find this. I love that it's also a good looking device, which is important for something I'll be looking at every day :-) Thanks for making it!

So, I'm already happy, but if you are still going to tweak it at some point, here are my two cents:

1) It doesn't recognize open voicings where the minor/major third is played from a different octave. For example: C4-G4-E5 isn't recognized as a C Major chord. You can play the fifth or root as high or low as you want, but not the third. Maybe there's a logical reason for this that I'm not immediately seeing.

2) Added tones are recognized as long as there's a triad and the added tone is outside the triad (add9 & add11). I think it would be nice if it also recognized add2 and add4 (which are basically add9 and add11 played inside the triad), because those are not uncommon, I think. I'm not a theory master though, but I do sometimes use them.

3) I'm happy about the dark background of the device, because I use the new version 11 Dark theme. It's *almost* the same shade, but not quite... Would it be possible for the device to simply use the background color in the selected Live theme? I guess that would require tweaking all the colors so that they're visible in lighter themes, so maybe that's too much work. But maybe the bg color could at least match the Dark theme color, because it's already so close? :-)

Once again thank you, I don't want to appear to be complaining, it's already great :-)

Thank you for making this device – super useful!

I have one request: I have the device in my template project and when it loads, it always switches to bank 4... Would it be easy to fix this so that it wouldn't switch the bank or would default to bank 1 instead?



This looks really interesting, but I can't get Live to find the custom controller script. I couldn't find the directory mentioned in the readme, but I put it into Live bundle/Contents/App-Resources/MIDI Remote Scripts since that's where all the other scripts seem to be at least in Live 10. But When I restart Live, the custom script is just not on the list. Any ideas?


First of all, thanks for making this! I've got it sort of working inside Max, but inside Live I don't see my MIDI device on the list. Inside Max I can select my MIDI device and it kinda works otherwise, but the load button doesn't work so the sliders & knobs are not updated with the values of the patch selected on the TX81Z. I can start editing them blindly, but it's not super useful :-P (Live 9 & Max 7.)

Thank you for making this!

Now I can finally switch A/B stacking on/off on my Prophet 08, which is pretty essential with many patches.

For some reason if I drop it on the same track with the External Instrument device, audio from the Prophet 08 is muted. So I have to create a new MIDI channel for this. (The same thing happens with the ExternalMIDIControl CC MFL device.)

Two-way messaging sure would be great, but the main thing is that I can now save the full P08 patch state with my projects, so I'm happy :-)

BTW, the filename is "RNPN Gen" :-)