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Hi everybody, it's been almost 2 years since I made this device, so I would need a lot of time to update it (I don't remember a lot of things)... But this is in my to-do list: when I have time, I will update it for sure with all the thing all of you have been asking.

you are right about the midi map thing. The problem is Live's midi map only supports toggle mode, so I will have to try some work arounds.
About the loading problem, this never happened to me, but I will investigate it. For now, I think you can save your setlist snapshot and load it again if it fails. (if no locator name is found, click on the top left "refresh" button)

Thank you for your comments!

Hi Andesiro,
I can't replicate this bug. Sync/Rate knob is correctly saved in my project.

What version of Live are you using? Is only this knob that is not saved? Or also other parameters?

Thanks for your feedback!

@16x16 Sorry about that. It has been fixed in the new update.

Thank you!

@saulbass Maybe there's a way. I put it on my to-do list.