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Devices by UdoRBrauna

Backing Tracks Version 1.0
UAD Galaxy Tape Echo Wrapper Version 1.2
UAD Reverbs and Delays Pack Wrappers Version 1.2
Session Tempo Version 1.0
CC Remap and Block Version 1.0
UAD Lexicon 224 Wrapper Version 1.2
Circular Delay Version 1.1
UAD Hitsville EQ Collection Wrapper Version 1.2
UAD Teletronix Wrapper Version 1.4
UAD 1176 Wrapper Version 1.4
UAD API 2500 Compressor Wrapper Version 1.3
UAD Pultec Wrapper Version 1.3
Step Arpeggiator Version 1.5
UAD Neve 1073 Wrapper Version 1.2
UAD Compressors Pack Wrappers Version 1.2
UAD API Vision Channel Strip Wrapper Version 1.2
UAD Preamps EQs and Channel Strips Pack Wrappers Version 1.3
UAD Century Tube Channel Strip Wrapper Version 1.3
UAD Magnetic Tape Wrapper Version 1.3
BigSky Wrapper Version 1.0
UAD Chorus Wrapper Version 1.2
UAD Pure Plate Wrapper Version 1.2
UAD Hitsville Chambers Wrapper Version 1.2
UAD Waterfall Rotary Speaker Wrapper Version 1.3
UAD Modulation and Tapes Pack Wrappers Version 1.3
UAD Wrappers Version 1.3

Total Downloads: 1,338

Comments by UdoRBrauna


Hey @eyeala! as far as I know, UAD only have the native version of the Waterfall Rotary Speaker plugin!

Hey @maky357, my intention is to make more plugins (if I can, all of the native ones - spark subscription), but I'm very busy lately so it might take a few months... And I can't promise anything, but I will try!

What I don't know if the new wrappers will be a pack upgrade, another pack or free with this pack... They take ages to make!

1. I did the hardware UAD-2 versions because it seemed convenient, but I couldn't test them. In theory, the cpu should only go up the same % as the UADx (only for the gui computing).
I was debating if include the UAD-2 versions, because they can introduce a new problem: Max always use a buffer size of 64 samples, so if your project is at a different buffer size and you are using other UAD-2 plugins (without the wrapper) and the wrappers, you may get an error (although they seem to work anyways).
If I can, I will try to look into the problem you describe!

2. Yes, this was made like this by design. The thing is I needed a way to both set and retrieve the plugin information without creating a "feedback" loop.
And the way I found was to only retrieve the plugin information when the plugin window was open and to close the window when the wrapper window was clicked.
If I don't do this, when you move a parameter on the wrapper window, it passes the information to the plugin and it is retrieved again, creating a feedback loop.
Also, I thought this wouldn't be a problem, as you can already see the gui with the wrapper.

Hope that makes sense!

@eyeala I didn't test it (yet), but they should work fine, as I'm not using any Live 11 specific thing.

Hey @alexvangils thanks for the response.

Yes, I did look the BrowseRouting and RoutingObjects and the LOM.
I know I can get any track/device input/output available/current routings, but I can't find a way to get the track associated with that routing.

When I get the routing information I get a dictionary with a display_name (the name of the track routed to) and an identifier (not the track id).
The display_name is not useful as it can be 2 tracks with the same name.

What I want to do is: if I have 2 tracks and the m4l device on the track 1, I want to populate a umenu with only the output routing to the track 2 (and not "track 1", "track 2", "No input", "Ext. Out").

I will appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.

Thanks! (and sorry for my english)

Is there a way to know the track ID of the selected routing?
I want the umenu to only display some tracks (some output routings) and not displaying the "Ext. Out" or the track the device is in, for example.

If I know the track ID associated with every output_routing, I could delete the one associated with its track from the umenu.


@moserobert definitely something that I will add in a future 2.0 update!

Thank you Stakk3r for your words. I'm glad you like the device! :)

Hey Matthewgilesmusic, I'm trying to replicate this error but it works fine in my computer. What Max version are you using? Maybe try updating?

Thanks for your feedback.

Hey ArgentStar, I'm trying to replicate your problem but it works well on my machine.
From what you are saying, it probably is a spike on the cpu (because it's doing it also when the track is muted).
If you want, you can send me a video of the problem at with your machine information.

Thank you!

Thank you very much!
If you enjoy this device, a rating at my gumroad will be appreciated! ;)

Puedes comprarlo aqui:


Hey rhythmhead,
what do you mean the default mappings? For the ableton push? Could you write me an email to I don't have a push and I would like to know how they are mapped in the original plugins.
As for the meters, I'm getting better (I think the api 2500 is a little bit better than the others) but in order to do it more accurate I would need to simulate the whole plugin.
I will try to improve, tho!


UAD 1176 Wrappers done!
You can find them here:

I'm currently working on the 1176 uad compressors. I will publish them soon!

New version 1.1 available. Changes in the description

There's the video:

Thank you!

Hi everybody, it's been almost 2 years since I made this device, so I would need a lot of time to update it (I don't remember a lot of things)... But this is in my to-do list: when I have time, I will update it for sure with all the thing all of you have been asking.

you are right about the midi map thing. The problem is Live's midi map only supports toggle mode, so I will have to try some work arounds.
About the loading problem, this never happened to me, but I will investigate it. For now, I think you can save your setlist snapshot and load it again if it fails. (if no locator name is found, click on the top left "refresh" button)

Thank you for your comments!