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Name | Version: UAD Teletronix Wrapper 1.4
Author: UdoRBrauna
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: With this device you will be able to use the Universal Audio Teletronix compressors like Ableton native plugins.
This includes mouse clicking, midi mapping, automating, visuals etc.

UPDATED! new version 1.1 available.
New! Now you can use both native and hardware versions!

Get this device + UAD 1176 Wrapper + UAD API 2500 Wrapper 33% off here:

This is a Wrapper, so you still need to own the UAD plugins (you can get it here:

Included wrappers:

UADx LA-2A SIlver Compressor
UADx LA-2A Gray Compressor
UADx LA-2 Compressor

These Wrappers works for both the native versions of the plugins (UADx, the ones that don't need an UAD audio interface and you get with the subscription Spark) and the hardware versions (UAD).

Both Audio Units and VST versions included.

Video example:

Updated v1.4: Solved some issues with Windows PCs and VST.

Updated v1.3: Higher resolution and better GUI, and more accurate VU-meter. Now the device latency matches the plugin latency (so Ableton can "delay-compensate" it correctly).

Updated v1.2: Fixed a problem with the refresh button not refreshing all the elements.

Updated v1.1:

- Now you can midi map every knob and button.

- Fixed a bug with the automation lane: now you can change the automation by clicking on a parameter like any other live device and a bug where the automation didn't work is fixed.

- Added a "refresh" button. If somehow you end up making changes using the wrapper, the plugin window, automation and/or midi map and the wrapper wasn't reflecting the changes, just click there.

- Added a VST3 version of every wrapper. If you are using windows or have problems loading the plugins, use this version instead. Note that using the VST3 version, when you change presets using the plugin window, you will have to click the "refresh" button as the changes doesn't update in the wrapper.

- Added compatibility with Push.


Live Version Used: 11.1
Max Version Used: 8.3.3
Date Added: Dec 29 2022 22:10:09
Date Last Updated: Nov 27 2023 20:03:47
Downloads: 0
License: Commercial
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Looks really cool, any plans on doing the 1176 stuff?? I would definitely grab them both if you did. The blue face is totally my go to compressor.
I'm currently working on the 1176 uad compressors. I will publish them soon!
UAD 1176 Wrappers done!
You can find them here:
Great job, I got the whole compressor bundle. I was wondering one thing. Is it possible to change the default mappings. I would like them to be the same as the default mappings of the plugin, I have them memorized for my controllers, this allow me to work really fast. And one thing maybe for the future, is there any chance to make the meters more accurate to the plugin??? Thanks so much great work
Hey rhythmhead,
what do you mean the default mappings? For the ableton push? Could you write me an email to I don't have a push and I would like to know how they are mapped in the original plugins.
As for the meters, I'm getting better (I think the api 2500 is a little bit better than the others) but in order to do it more accurate I would need to simulate the whole plugin.
I will try to improve, tho!


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