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Great job, I got the whole compressor bundle. I was wondering one thing. Is it possible to change the default mappings. I would like them to be the same as the default mappings of the plugin, I have them memorized for my controllers, this allow me to work really fast. And one thing maybe for the future, is there any chance to make the meters more accurate to the plugin??? Thanks so much great work

Looks really cool, any plans on doing the 1176 stuff?? I would definitely grab them both if you did. The blue face is totally my go to compressor.

Love the device and was using it quite heavily. However, it quit saving the mapped parameters for a preset audio rack a created containing the device. I even went to your site to buy the updated version. Same thing, I created a rack that uses your device inside of it but when I try to save that rack and and reload it, al the mapped parameters are lost. Please fix if you can, your device has become very important for my workflow, thanks so much

Hey all4live

Yes scaling os zooming would be nice, I feel the controls are a bit small

That looks really awesome, I like the implementation of being able to edit across different tracks. That a huge workflow improvement!!!

Keep it up, thanks

Great device really speeds up audio editing.. Two things would make this absolute perfect.
1) resizable
2) Not sure if possible but the ability to control multiple clips.

Also the "r" is for reverse right?? Seems to not be working for me in Live 11

Love the "pin" feature

Super simple, super useful, super efficient. What a great little device. Immediately made it into my user library.

Looks like a great device but I guess I won't be able to try it. It would be nice if you offered a way to download for users that choose not use Facebook. I understand what you are trying to do but there are an increasing amount of people who choose not to use Facebook.

Wow this thing is absolutely amazing. If you DJ or would like to DJ in Ableton this device is game changer. It totally remedies some of the major flaws when trying to DJ in Live. Very elegant device. I love how the waveforms are represented in the colors of the Camelot wheel. Great work, with a doubt one of the best things I have seen on here!!!

Great work, love the device.

I recently got Isotonik Studios' PrEditor and I guess since it uses a separate remote script, Push-ArrangeMode doesn't work with it.

I don't know if you plan on supporting it but along with Push-Arrange they are the best 2 add ons for the Push. It would be great if they worked together.

Keep up the great work,

Great device super useful. I was just wondering if the meter correlates to the RMS or Peak meter inside of Live. I make samples and sounds for work and need to be precise with my levels. I wanted to add labels but wanted to place them in the right spot.

Great work!

Devices look great and would love to try them but I don't use Facebook. I understand using Facebook likes but you really should have an option for user that don't use Facebook, not everyone use it.

Great job, this thing is brilliant! Runs great so far.

Amazing work, set up was a snap and works like a charm. I have been waiting for some thing this simple, efficient and easy to use. The Kinect can now be fully implemented the way I have always wanted it to ;)