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Name | Version: UAD Chorus Wrapper 1.2
Author: UdoRBrauna
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Get the Modulation & Magnetic Tapes Wrappers 33% off here:

With these m4l devices you will be able to use the Universal Audio Brigade chorus and the Universal Audio Studio D chorus like Ableton native plugins.

This includes mouse clicking, mapping, automating, visuals, etc.

These are wrappers, so you still need to own the UAD plugins (you can get them here:

Included wrappers:

Brigade Chorus
Studio D Chorus

These wrappers works with both UADx (native version) and UAD (hardware version). So you can use it with an UAD audio interface or with the Spark subscription, for example.



v 1.1: Now the device latency matches the plugin latency (so Ableton can "delay-compensate" it correctly). Fixed some minor bugs.

v 1.2: Solved some issues with Windows PCs and VST.


Live Version Used: 11.1
Max Version Used: 8.3.1
Date Added: May 01 2023 17:53:02
Date Last Updated: Nov 27 2023 20:08:53
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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