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Love the device, thank you. The only concern I have is what you mentioned above about the delay with the midi version. Have you found a way to get around this issue? For me, I can't use it when it doesn't play the first note as it is.

I love this, thank you. Feature request: if put on a group it will turn off everything inside the group

Thank you so much. I love this device and use it on my percussion all the time. I have found though that the red threshold band resets all the time. I always have to remember to set it again or it just sits at the bottom. Any ideas? Anyone else experiencing this?

Really interesting stuff - I would love a version which allows the humanization of audio tracks rather than just midi. If I could throw these variations into samples in the same way you have done with midi, would be perfect for me.

DL link is dead

Works great - thanks. I am wondering if it would be an easy tweak to convert this to be smooth control of tempo (so not whole number)? I like having tempo as a macro knob like this for different effects I am doing but would prefer the tempo change to be smooth. I have been trying to figure it out with no luck. Would be greatly appreciated.