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Yes, I also would love it to work with the pickup behavior. Or even better if it could send and receive midi information if I have my controller (midi fighter twister) set up to receive the location of the knob and match it (using the remote information).

super nice device. really enjoying it - the one thing I am missing is per note velocity. That would help give it a more organic groovy vibe.

For me it's unusable with this issue of not being able to load it into my project without the ID's crossing and the device mapping to new objects. I was able to achieve this same result using multimap and mapr devices in tandem. It's not as elegant nor beautiful as this design, but it's reliable. If it's possible with these two devices, it seems like it should be possible with this one.

It works well but is too limited with only three notes and not expandable. Also doesn't work to launch groups of clips, only specific clips.

Works great in Ableton 11, thanks. Other devices like this didn't work or were too limited. Exactly what I needed.

hey this device is exactly what I was looking for, thanks! The only issue I am having is that it blocks all other midi cc messages except for the one that it's set for. I need it to allow those messages through and only affect the selected message. I am guessing this is easy to modify? Thanks

Love the device, thank you. The only concern I have is what you mentioned above about the delay with the midi version. Have you found a way to get around this issue? For me, I can't use it when it doesn't play the first note as it is.

I love this, thank you. Feature request: if put on a group it will turn off everything inside the group

Thank you so much. I love this device and use it on my percussion all the time. I have found though that the red threshold band resets all the time. I always have to remember to set it again or it just sits at the bottom. Any ideas? Anyone else experiencing this?

Really interesting stuff - I would love a version which allows the humanization of audio tracks rather than just midi. If I could throw these variations into samples in the same way you have done with midi, would be perfect for me.

DL link is dead

Works great - thanks. I am wondering if it would be an easy tweak to convert this to be smooth control of tempo (so not whole number)? I like having tempo as a macro knob like this for different effects I am doing but would prefer the tempo change to be smooth. I have been trying to figure it out with no luck. Would be greatly appreciated.