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Name | Version: APC Step Sequencer by Mark Egloff 1.1
Author: marktakeshi
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: The APC Step-Sequencer converts the Akai APC40 or APC20 into a full-featured step sequencer. To use, simply load the device onto a MIDI track, create a clip and then drop in an instrument (it's optimized for use with Drum Racks.) The APC-Step-Sequencer automatically configures your connected APC40 or APC20.

After connecting, the top four rows of the APC's button matrix toggle 32 steps of a MIDI clip on or off, while the Clip Stop buttons and Cue Level dial allow you to quickly switch between the different sounds in your Drum Rack. Many of the APC's other controls are also reconfigured. The "?" button launches built-in documentation that details how everything works.

Watch the Introduction-Video in the link below.

Special thanks to Akai Professional and Shane Hazleton for their support! Visit the official APC-website @

Also, check out the following APC devices:
- APC FX Sequencer:
- Beat Indexer by Shane Hazleton Akai Professional:

=== Release Notes ===
- fixed a bug where the visual feedback for triggered sounds wouldn't work after having updated to Max 5.1.8


Live Version Used: 8.2.3
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Aug 30 2011 06:59:14
Date Last Updated: Aug 30 2011 09:01:04
Downloads: 12575
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: APC Step Sequencer by Mark Egloff.alp


i LOVE the device and it works perfectly in basic mode, but the advanced mode (pressing shift + buttons) doesn't work at all. might it be the app versions or am i missing something? thank you for your efforts!

mbp, osx 10.7.2, live 8.2.7, max 5.1.9, apc 40
Please can you downgrade the limit of the LIVE version from 8.2.2 to 8.1.3. As we who had older versions of LIVE and do not want to change them (crashing of 8.2.X versions on my OS X, don't know why). Please please downgrade the VERSION limit cause your STEP SEQUENCER is a LIFE changer ... PEACE
I have Ableton Live 8.3 and the last Maxforlive 5 and imac intel core i5 10.6.8
I want to install the Livepack APC Step Sequencer by Mark Egloff.alp and when I try it one message appears:
The installation of APC Step Sequencer Live Pack by Mark Egloff failed (Can not create the folder "Step Sequencer APC by Mark Egloff" in "/ Users / imac / Library / Application Support / Ableton / Library / Presets (MIDI Effects / MIDI Max Effect /. "Do you want to continue installing the rest of the Live packs?
continue No
I press continue and nothing happens
Do you know how can i install this ableton live pack,is the first that i can not install;i don,t know what happens?
not compatible with version 8.3 of Ableton?
Would there be any way to multiply the tempo in order to increase the resolution of the array of 32 steps??
all this without changing the master tempo ... if you live in ableton 120 bpm, the APC should go to 240 bpm to increase the number of steps per beat .... I've tried but I have not been able to ..
Hello -

I have the same problem as balint. This device is GREAT for my workflow and I have been thinking of programming something like it myself for ages, but none of the "shift" functions work at all. Any idea what causes this bug?

Thank you!
Please, Mark, upgrade step sequencer to Live 9... it's causing some bug when I close live 9.0.2.

Another suggestion: 1) it would be great, for instance, if we just press shift and the stop buttons selected the second chain of 8 sounds. 2) some way for us to choose between different grooves from the apc. 3) if we had the option to limit the knob to the 16 sounds of the average drum racks.

Thank you!
I agree with Sal, it would be great if you could update the APC40 Seq to work with Ableton Live 9.

This is still working great for me on live 9.1.1 I use multiple instances along with the AS40 device which is also kinda "taking control" of the mute and solo buttons on the APC and while that sounds like Im begging for bugs I just havent had any. I do wish we could choose something other than the 2 velocities though and note mutes would be great. Ive tried to tweak this device myself but I found it to be a head scratcher.
this is the only step sequencer for APC i have found that migrates from live 8 to 9. the shift functions no longer work for me but it does 90% of what i need so i love it
Hi there - got the apc20, loaded up the step sequencer it worked fine. When I closed the session and came back to it, it wouldnt work!

The sequencer disdnt have the lights going nor did the apc20 move out clip/session view.

I resetted the APC20, restarted, unmidi'd the apc 20 from ableton - nothing.

Same thing happened last night. Worked once then unable to to retrieve.

Anything else I can try?

Is there a specific order to turning on i.e, computer THEN APC 20 THEN Ableton, THEN Step sequencer?

I know its optimised for drum racks. Can I use it for Synths (Operator or 3rd party) or maybe thats the whole problem?
Oh yeah, Live 9.0.2 for above (forgot)
Hah - figured it out. You have to actively drop down the "APC20" and select the device, It wont just play on auto. User error. Slaps forehead etc. Great tool Mark.
first of all: great tool! It does help me alot when im performing live. But i recognized one problem:

When i use the step seq. and add for example one hi hat note to my drum roll, all velocities go up to the maximum. So all my velocity presets are destroyed.

Is this a common problem?

I use:

Windows 7
Ableton live 9

Thanks in advance!

i forgot: APC 40, but same problem with APC 20 and MAC.
brilliant device but the master volume is controlling the change of sample rather than the cue knob. can anybody help im using apc20 with 9.1.3 ... thanks...
I can't make Mark's device to work on my set up (Live 9.1 / Mac OSX 10.9.5) any ideas? thank you in advance!
Hello , please do it for Apc mini if you can .
all the best !!
Hi, thanks for this software,
I'm trying to adapt it for the APC key 25, have you got an idea on how to do it easily?
Thank you for answering
Hello, I have a problem ... no work Cue Level DIAL APC20 (ableton 9.1.8) thanks for your valuable help ... sorry for my bad English

great work

could you adapt it for the APC 25 key?

This is would be really, really awesome to get this for the APC key 25!

Could you port it and/or make it support the APC key 25?


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