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APC Step Sequencer by Mark Egloff Version 1.1
APC FX Sequencer by Mark Egloff Version 1.0
Search Clip Name Version 1.0.0
Already Played Version 1.0.0
Multi Clip View Version 1.0.3
Drum Rack Control Version 1.0.0
Slices to Notes Version 1.0
Auto Slicer Version 1.1.0
Pad Slicing Mode Version 1.1.0
Slice Control Version 1.1.0

Total Downloads: 19,628

Comments by marktakeshi


I've tested it with the newest version of Live (8.2.6.) and Max (5.1.9) and everything works fine.

Which Max-Version do you have installed?


Nice video bodo!

I hope other users will also post some videos showing how they use the APC FX / Step Sequencer.

One small advice which is also mentioned in the manual: If you use Audio Effects that buffer audio like the 1st and 3rd effect in your video, choose to control the "Dry/Wet" parameter, instead of the default "Device On" parameter, because most effects don't buffer audio while they are turned off.

Also, Beat Repeat does work much better if you control the parameter "Repeat" (and set "Chance" to 0%), which will allow you to control exactly when and how long the Beat Repeat effect should kick in.

Looking forward to seeing more videos from you!

Yes, for the sake of simplicity I decided not to add this feature in V1 of the FX sequencer. I really wanted to keep this a simple On/Off, Dry/Wet sequencer.

But if you are not the only one that asks for this feature, I will implement it in one of the next updates.

As a workaround for the moment, just wrap the single effect into an Effect Rack and assign the Makro to the parameter you want to control. Then you can set the Min and Max Values in the Macro-Settings.

FYI: AkaiProEU just uploaded a first introduction video on their Youtube-Channel:

Awesome device!

This is the Modulation-Swiss-Army-Knife!

Just made are really cool Granulator-Instrument in 5 minutes by using a Simpler and modulating the sample length and start-point with 2 Modulators.

Seems like there are so many usecases you can achieve with this device. Can't wait to figure out more creative ways to use it.

Thanks and great job!

Hi Prebentious

Great. Another simple but powerful device from you!

Is it possible to get somehow directly in touch with you?

I have a interesting project going on and I think it would be great if I could get you involved.

If you are interested, please contact me at:
takeshiyamaoka0001 at