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Hi, Ryan.

As I can't get in contact with Roland Support, I use your space to ask a question about TR-8. I hope you can help me. I'm sending midi clock via ableton to TR-8 and also mapped some TR-8 knobs (the two external in) to control parameters in ableton. But the TR-8 keeps sending midi clock back to ableton as well. Is there a way to avoid this to happen? Thanks a lot!

hi, nonagon. thanks for this nice device. but I alway have to select again the illuminate stop and the metro scroll whenever I start ableton. Can't I save my preset? Or is it happening because I'm using an apc20 and live 9?

Please, Mark, upgrade step sequencer to Live 9... it's causing some bug when I close live 9.0.2.

Another suggestion: 1) it would be great, for instance, if we just press shift and the stop buttons selected the second chain of 8 sounds. 2) some way for us to choose between different grooves from the apc. 3) if we had the option to limit the knob to the 16 sounds of the average drum racks.

Thank you!