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Hah - figured it out. You have to actively drop down the "APC20" and select the device, It wont just play on auto. User error. Slaps forehead etc. Great tool Mark.

Oh yeah, Live 9.0.2 for above (forgot)

Hi there - got the apc20, loaded up the step sequencer it worked fine. When I closed the session and came back to it, it wouldnt work!

The sequencer disdnt have the lights going nor did the apc20 move out clip/session view.

I resetted the APC20, restarted, unmidi'd the apc 20 from ableton - nothing.

Same thing happened last night. Worked once then unable to to retrieve.

Anything else I can try?

Is there a specific order to turning on i.e, computer THEN APC 20 THEN Ableton, THEN Step sequencer?

I know its optimised for drum racks. Can I use it for Synths (Operator or 3rd party) or maybe thats the whole problem?