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Name | Version: Opal 1.01
Author: Fors
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Opal is an instrument made for intricate pattern creation. With parameter locks, probability, conditionals, ratcheting, independent track length, time division and traversal, it’s a breeze to program exciting patterns.

Opal comes with four distinct, highly malleable, synthesizers and two sequenceable effects. While the synths are tailored for creating drum sounds, it’s up to you to choose where, or if, the line between percussion and melody is drawn.


Live Version Used: 11.2.7
Max Version Used: 8.3.1
Date Added: Dec 19 2022 19:26:51
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 0
License: Commercial
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amazing groovebox:)
so inspiring and wellthought.
thanks Ess and Fors Team!
lotsa fun.
The sweetest plugins on planet. I mean - all of them, not only Opal. THX!
Amazing work!!

I wished some of the standalone one had more functions.

If you do a full featured modal synth based on the one there it would be soooo amazing
Thank you for putting the whole techno experience in one box.
It will be nice to launch at some point the opal midi engine as a separate device
One of the best Max For Live Developers out there. This is such an amazing and fun device!

I've been emailing with Ess and for some reason, the copy paste feature isn't working for me for either copying a step with P-locks and pasting to another step, or copying and pasting a pattern to another page. I'm on a Macbook Pro with Ventura 13.6.4, Ableton 12.0.1, and Max 8.6.1. Anyone else having this issue?

Still a fantastic device!

Hello again!

I figured out how to fix the issue of not being able to copy and paste! I needed to delete my Cycling74 preference file. Instructions are below for anyone else who had this issue!

This is truly one of the most amazing plugins I've ever used! If you don't own this, buy it!!!!

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