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About Amselcom: Amselcom has forever been near the forefront of change, exposing new ideas and giving insight through music and creativity. Our goal is always to bring the world closer by removing barriers and letting sound and rhythm demonstrate humanity's true, loving nature.
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Great patch, thank you Kern.
Is there a significant difference to v1?

@FreddyFingaz i think its only dry/wet for the delay and there is no audio input on the device.

Hoppla, this one inspired me a lot on first try.
Do you plan to develop it further?
I could give you some ideas if you like.

Thank you very much for this device. It is one of the few chorus plugins that i can take seriously. A bit more control over the modulation times would be awesome. Do you plan to create more m4l devices?

Had to buy it instantly and love it!
Do you plan to add a phase offset slider?

a200xeaf, im glad you ask - because indeed i have some ideas.
Sidechain could be used in a simular way like in Modulator:

i use it a lot in conjunction with this device:

So you would not need to play 72EAF with midi notes but much more dynamic with any audio signal fed into the sidechain.

Again, thank you for these 2

yesterday i used several 72EAF's with a signal delay on each one. That was great and lead me to discover that it has individual outputs, so you can delay each output track with this device for example:

maybe you would consider adding a step sequencer as in Soma's ornament. There you can define a chain of triggers and the distance in time inbetween. Your devices somehow remind me of Soma, by the look and also how you need to change your thinking to get into it.

imagine 2 modes of delaying the sounds: synced and in very short ms. So you can phase like in bve's Phase Looper:

Is it possible that it doesnt react to velocity?
Also the pitch wheels seem not to mapable.
I had the feeling that the envelopes do not close completey. There seems to be a gap in the end that doesnt affect the sound anymore.

Again, thank you for bringing these ideas to Life!

Your devices are enlightening, you need to go on a quest and decipher the hints, i love it.
Thank you for providing them for free.
I try to figure what the SC know does, i hope its a sidechain?

At first it didnt work on mac m1 but out of a sudden it did!
I love the concept, opens a lot of new possibilities.
Modulating the add velocity with Hypnus Slink Lfo is quite funky.
Thank you Eliot.

Hello Miles,

i absolutely love your Device.
Can you please create one for other breaks?

My wish list:
Sneaking In The Back
Think About It
Fat Poppa Daddy
The Bottom Line

really thank you for putting this out!

Thank you for putting the whole techno experience in one box.