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Author: Monotale  
Description: Monotale GLITCH DELAY

It is basically a delay, but with the difference that output of the delay line is sent to, in a random mode, to some of the 8 FXs,, and at the same time, the feedback loop is taken from another source of the 8 FX., again, in a random mode, but not always.

Is ismportant to mention that each FX is mutating all the time to get different result in every bar.

Monotale Step Glitch Mayhem.

Basically is a step seq. Glitch, with 12 effects. You can assign each step to a specific FX or to a several at the same time.




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Tags sequencer, effect, glitch
Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Nov 30 2022 21:33:44
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): Commercial


a device sold at a premium price should not only sound amazing but should have a premium GUI. i know this sounds kinda dickish but you should at a minimum subscribe to music and watch the tutorial on making M4L guis. it's really helpful. your device, at that price, would have the be the best thing since sliced bread for me to tolerate that interface. sorry man. i know it's a bit harsh but ya can't charge $50 and not have a GUI like Kentaro.

I can't agree more.

not only does ist look bad, it also sounds trash. this guy is not really knowing what he is doing but asks a lot of money for his stuff. we know that drama since he made overpriced devices out of free available volker b?hm externals. after he was critizised for that he claimed to put a huge amount of work into the implemenntation of his devices. as we can see here: not so much :)

i really love the m4L library, but when it comes to bad boys I do not know who is worse. this one or the japanese one who constantly uploads stobe-light images and puts his devices in *all* categories. ^^

No one is worse than the dude who continually posts to "all". I'll never purchase anything from him - hell, I'm even boycotting the 1-2 devices he's posted for free (1 or 2 out of his 40,000 flashing, overpriced, uncategorized devices, that is). Glad someone else notices!

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