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Name | Version: SliceSEQ 1.3
Author: Gross9978
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: 1.3
-Live 12 check

-Live 11 and Up-
SliceSEQ when "Synced" to a Simpler Device in slice mode will, depending on the selected Mode and settings, play through the loaded sample in a few different ways.

When "Sync" is pressed it will find how many slices are in the sample and add that number of steps plus the correct notes for the slices to the sequencer. It works best When Sliced by Beat as opposed to by Transient or Region.

Normal-Plays through each step in order repeatedly.

Random- Plays through the same amount of steps but randomly.

RandomEveryNth- depending on settings will either play a random bar every Nth bar or a random step every Nth step.

The Velocity and Duration are randomly chosen for each step from a range set from low to high.

There are 8 gates at the bottom that will be applied to any Mode.

I made this less for drum breaks, although it works fine for those, and more for misusing melodic or noise loops. If you get the slice divisions and sequencer rate/settings off enough it'll get pretty annoying in a good way.

1.2 Update fixing the Device Filling Lives undo history and adding the all important rainbows.

Any tips or suggestions are always welcome.Thanks


Live Version Used: 11.1.6
Max Version Used: 8.3.1
Date Added: Jul 22 2022 04:54:00
Date Last Updated: Apr 28 2024 22:30:16
Downloads: 1754
License: None
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Device File: SliceSeq.amxd


Despite being developed for Live 11, seems to work well in 10!
Oh nice, I didn’t think it’d work in 10!
insanely good
Yes, perfect! Just what I was looking for.
I use it to randomly trigger sliced percussion loops like bongo and conga loops. Would be insanely awesome if there was a 'Randomize' button which generates a locked random sequence.
Good stuff
Great device, having lots of fun so far. Crazy idea, but is there any possibility of having each individual slice run through a separate audio output? Maybe a few simple tweaks on the M4L patch would do it? Anyone any ideas?
Hi there, I really like your devices but unfortunately they do not work any more with Live 12 / Push 3. Could you consider to update them? Thanks
I updated things and as far as I can tell everything's working on Live 12 and Push 3 as of now.
That's great! Thank you very much. All your devices are great, but especially SliceSEQ and DropSEQ are in frequent use here.

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