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Name/Version: mm.Devices Off - Disable all effects 2.0
Author: MessinkiMusic  
Description: One mappable button to turn off and on any combination of:

audio effects
midi effects
instrument devices

in either:

the selected track(s)
the track the device is placed on
all tracks


11/05/2022 Version 2.0

Completely rewritten and with new features:

Only turns back on devices that were on in the first place.

Works with sends, turning them down to 0, and then back to their original state.

Has option to turn off devices and sends in the selected track(s). Place the device on the master, map it to a key and then quickly toggle devices and sends in the selected track.

11/1/2021 Version 1.2.1

If you have multiple mm.Device Offs in the set, they will not turn eachother off.

Also improved the switching when selecting which tracks you want to turn off effects in.

19/12/2021 Version 1.2.0

Turn On and Off buttons are now mappable

25/09/2021 Version 1.1.0

Added ability to turn off effects on the track that the device is on

20/08/2021 Version 1.0.1

Fixed bug that stopped the device working with MIDI effects

Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Aug 17 2021 00:46:14
Date Last Updated: May 12 2022 15:56:51
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Looks super-handy - thank you!

Doesn't work with MIDI Effects (Live 11).

Device's issue with MIDI Effect has been repaired.
Now it works as expected. Thank You!

Thank you for pointing it out!

Great little device! Needs to have a floating window though


Would be great you had an option to only disable devices of the current selected track.


Can now disable devices on the track that the device is on. Considering adding more functionality to disable effects on all selected tracks

good device - but its not free...

Forgot to update discription! It's ?2 now that I've spent more time on it, adding features

1. could you implement the functionality to disable *multiple* selected devices?
2. Also a compare function would come in handy, disable one device while enabling another. Don't know if that's possible with the LOM though.

Hey @Messkinki,
I was just trying to find the syntax of the message to send live.path for the selected_track sends. I saw this device so it means it's possible, i won't buy your stuff only for this but if you could help me i would appreciate :p !! Thanks

Hey losgallos, no worries, email me!

great device! would be great to have some kind of groups

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