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Roland MKS-80 - external Synth controller Version 36
Eowave Magma - CC control Version 0.9
Roland MKS-70 - JX10 - Vecoven mod hw control Version 21.0
The Division Department - 01 IV Version 3

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Does custom external mean that this doesn't work on push 3 stand alone?

anybody tried it yet on P3s? There's no live.banks in it, but that could be easily be remedied, but are there any externals?

Hi, I looked a bit into your device and have a couple of suggestions:
1. you should also give "Long name" and "scripting name" proper names (you can link those 2). Will be A LOT easier in the long run (presets, recall, storage etc)
2. you can order how parameters appear on external controllers by going to "View" > "Parameters" and then fill out the "#" column with numbers.
3. you can multi-select patch cables by holding ALT and then select via mouse.
4. you can then align all patch cables at once by right clicking > "Align", gives a tidier look ;-)
5. Some parameters should have distinct values. For example for Pitch you can use the "Unit Style" of Semitone, LFORate could be in hz.

That's it for now, more to follow :-)
Hope you don't mind?

the first "?" should've been an emoji, but this site doesn't like those, it seems ;-)
It is absolutely helpful and thank you for making it!! :-)

If I have some time, I will try to check:
1. if the AB can send parameters/parameter changes out (e.g. when changing presets or even better "on request")
2. using ctlin for control change input should be pretty forward, I have already done this in the past for my Eowave Magma device (which was also "inspired" by someone else's work :-) ). Might take a look at it.

Great! 😊
Is it birectional?

1. could you implement the functionality to disable *multiple* selected devices?
2. Also a compare function would come in handy, disable one device while enabling another. Don't know if that's possible with the LOM though.

Change the parameter for LFO from "automated" to "stored" or even hidden

I am sorry, I never received an email notification that you replied here and just saw it by lucky accident.
Yes, the preset management doesn't work (yet). This was my first m4l device and I based my device on the fantastic M4L device by Dominik Bohn ( which is for the Roland SH-01a.
The above mentioned github link also has this issue listed (and the credits).
If you have some m4l knowledge, I'd be happy to receive your contribution to the repository! :-)

Also I met Marc from Eowave at this year's Superbooth, very lovely guy! He was kind enough to send me his MAX patch which he used to build all presets for the Magma back in the day. It supports all kinds of sysex for preset management etc 🤯😊😊. I will try to understand what he did and incorporate that into my device. If any experienced max dev would be willing to help, I'd be grateful! (copy pasted from my github)

which file types are supported for file loading? (I mostly use flac) Or do you rely on Live supported file types?

thanks for the device! Have you thought about expanding it to also support NRPN? Maybe switchable with 14bit CC?

A little warning: if you filter out repeated cc values, nrpn will not work any longer (or lets even worse than usual 😉).

Hi, would love to buy the device but I can't. It always fails with "we could not verify the CAPTCHA" (but I never see the captcha).
I can buy other things at gumroad just fine.
Cheers from Cologne :-)

Hi Christian, I wrote you a mail addressed to, did you get it? (on the 2nd of August)

For anybody else as FYI: yes indeed it was the broadcast sysex ID. Once I changed this to a non-broadcast ID (in my case 33), everything was working fine 🙂
So thanks again for this great device!!

wow, very cool and handy for quickly slicing external drums! Thanks :-)

Thanks very much for replying! :-)

This m4l device is so fantastic! Thanks again for it! :-)
Probably a big ask, but updating it to support Live11 and mpe would be highly appreciated and I would definitely donate or pay for that.

Currently Live shows the warning that the device "is using an older process to modify midi notes. This can lead to a loss of additionalnote data..."

wow, this is so cool! 😎
Just brought my Mackie C4 to play nicely with Live11 but the unexposed parameter thing for lot of plugins were meh. So will definitely use this one.
Thank you!! :-)

Hey thanks for the great device! Especially the "Trigger Controller Dump request on program change" is fantastic :-)

Do you know why anytime I change a preset Live starts recording? Doesn't matter if the program change is coming from the m4l device or from external.
Best, Markus

Thanks, I already have this, but it needs to exclusive access to the midi ports, meaning Live could not (there are work arounds but all ugly) . An "in-Live" M4l solution is a lot easier :-)

@chapelierfou great, will check!
I opened a feature request for knobkraft to be able to show the actual sysex , but good point
Also w re to automatable button: I think that would work.
What might be worth thinking about is triggerable event based lists of sysex to circumvent ableton missing sysex capability to handle real-time sysex automation (i have a Mks-80, no cc, only sysex).
Can you "record" sysex in a m4l device with song timestamps?
Thank you again for your work, much appreciated!!

This is fantastic! 😊 Thank you so much!
Gonna try it out today.
Could you enhance the "open" field to also enable pasting sysex into it (so one doesn't have to record)?
Background: I use knobkraft as a librarian, and could then just copy/paste from there into your M4l device, without the need for recabling /rerouting

Thanks a lot for sharing/providing your device!
A couple of questions: I was trying to find out why your device doesn't work properly with my Andromeda. I have 4 values mapped, learned thru knob twitching.
Now I do a program change at the beginning of a pattern and then want to manipulate said pattern thru nrpn gen2 (because it is a ROM preset). I tried firing the status manually and also thru automation at different points in the pattern, however the Andromeda does something, but not what is is supposed to do (wild parameter jumps). Also even when changing values by hand in stopped mode in nrpn gen 2 the andromeda does this. The only thing which works pretty reliably is FX on/off as a 1bit value change.
I tried to the same directly from Midi-Ox and from there it worked.

Do you have an idea what could be the issue?
Also, opening the patch I saw that you parse the midi and route. Why not use nrpnin and nrpnout? (I just jumped into m4l and do not really know what I am talking about, so sorry if dumb question).

I haven't tried yet with other nrpn devices (also got a Prophet 12 which would be a viable candidate).

Hi, your device still works great, thanks!
I am trying to understand what you have done, so that I can maybe add a couple of things and so I stumbled over the fact that your NRPN mapping doesn't correspond with the p12 manual (but works). For example LPF cutoff according to the manual is 90 for Layer A and 602 for Layer B, while you send 102. How can that be?

Nevermind: I just saw that 102 is the CC for LPF cutoff. But why does the P12 react correctly to CC, when mine is set to NRPN??
Did your plan to switch to NRPN in the device go anywhere?
Thanks again! :-)

Will test this out, thanks!
What do you mean with "You must clear plugins after a refresh"

awesome tool, would have saved countless clicks in the past! Thank you! :-)
One suggestion: The font looks pretty smeared / non highdpi on my screen, any way to improve this for legibility?

could you make more documentation available?
Does it only send, or also receive?
How do I map it?