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Vague Version 1.1
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Hi aoxomoxoa23 and alectaylor75,
Thanks for your comments.
Alright then a randomizer, I will try to implement it in 1.1 + some bugfixes

Hi again, is it working now ? I have updated the Gumroad payment methods.

Hi Shroomystic,
I will search for another way, will keep you updated on the matter.
What's not good about Gumroad ?

Ok I will make a video asap

You're right, I did not touch the demo. Maybe later..

Hi there,

The device is now "push ready".

I do not have a Push, I did follow the guidelines but I was like blind so tell me if that needs improvements.

I expect some feedback if anything is wrong ✌️


Thanks for the feedback 😊. Yeah I have to work on the naming and make it cleaner for Push. I can't make any promise but I listen to all feedbacks and it's now on my to-do list 😉
A reset knob ? I am curious, tell me more I don't get it

If I remember it right, I think chance impacts both modulation and note.

Hi Beautifulgoblins123 :)
Thanks for your feedback !
I may work on some of those in the future, Microtiming being the only "hard-to-do" I think

Amazing, thank you

Thanks for your comment @telkmx
Some good ideas for a potential v1.2 :)

Hi dundunny, which part ? everything ? on which ableton version ? Thanks for the info