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Name | Version: Maquereau 2.0
Author: losgallos
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Maquereau is a free Max for Live device that automatically maps your Elektron midi track knobs to your rack macro controls (and the first two sends) :

- So you do not have to map anything when using DN/DT/ST with Ableton midi tracks
- So you can save your rack as a preset and save the mapping with it ✌️🤓

There is a fish that reminds you how to use this device in case you forgot.


New features with version 2 :

- Control the 8 first parameters of the master track
- Control the currently selected device
- Launch scenes via program changes
- Updated UI


Live Version Used: 11.1.5
Max Version Used: 8.2.2
Date Added: Aug 23 2022 22:20:04
Date Last Updated: Jun 11 2023 14:49:04
Downloads: 0
License: None
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it dosn't work at all

Mac studio M1
Elektron Analog MkII Black firmware 1.61E
Overbridge 2.51

Please contact me
error message:

live.text: can't find /tmptmp/Maquereau.svg
Hi Ruske,

It's not supposed to work with an Analog Rytm but with a Digitakt, Digitone or Syntakt midi tracks, and Overbridge has nothing to do with it because it uses standard midi.

As for the svg error message, it is only an UI error I already have adressed lately. When did you download the device ? Do you still have it when downloading it again ?

Also are you the one who paid for the device and afterwards put the lowest note possible on the gumroad product ? It's free, you could have tested it and understood it's not for the Rytm.

Thanks for the feedback !
No fish 😢
It doesn't seem to work. Deleted my MIDI map, put device in track, used "This Track", turn knobs on Digitakt, nothing. There is an instrument rack on the track so I expected the macros to turn.
Damn no fish, I must have forgot to freezer before saving. I get back to you vert soon.
Also is the instrument rack the vert first thing on the device area ? It must be for it to work.
Also, are you sure about your midi track settings on Ableton ? Can you for instance trigger notes from your Digitakt to this ableton track ? And are your CC the default ones (70 to 77) ?
Hi again @Inkajoo, could you download it again and tried the "- copy" version ? I tried another method to freeze the svg into the device.
But the svg should not be the reason why the device is not working on your side so get back back to me from Gumroad if you want some further assistance (I use this device everyday, really time saver).

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