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Name | Version: Haste 1.2.1
Author: leisurewear
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Repeat MIDI notes at a rate that accelerates (or decelerates) between two note values over a time interval.

1. Set Start Time and End Time. These values are divisions of a measure (not necessarily the Interval chosen). Note that you can choose any decimal number in the denominator for each of these values and you are not restricted to the typical 1/4, 1/8 plus dotted/triplet values (or alternatively milliseconds) that you are accustomed to.

2. Set Interval. This is the time interval over which we will accelerate between Start and End times.

3. Turn On/Off Linear/Curved. This determines whether the device will generate notes based on a linear or curved line.

4. Optionally set Curve Param. If Linear/Curved is set to ON, this determines the shape of the curve. Positive values generate notes based on a logarithmic line shape while negative values generate based on an exponential line shape. If this is parameter is set to 0, it will work identically to having Linear/Curved set to OFF.

Note that this parameter is disabled while Linear/Curved is set to OFF.

5. Optionally set Gate. This will shorten the notes output by a factor of 0-100%.

6. Optionally set Pitch Mod Step and Pitch Mod. This will pitch shift the notes output by the value set by Pitch Mod Step based on the probability set by Pitch Mod. For example, values of +1st and 33% gives you a 33% chance that each note generated will be shifted up 1 semitone.

7. Optionally set Swing. This will swing the notes output by this value in milliseconds.

8. Optionally set Skip. This determines the probability of skipping any given note being generated by the device

9. Create a clip and add some MIDI notes (preferably as long as your Interval). Notes will be output for as long as the input MIDI note is held and will end on note-off or when transport stops.

10. If you want to run the current pattern at double or half of the current Interval (or any other % value), set the Global Time to 200% (twice as fast) or 50% (half as fast). Keep in mind you might need to update your MIDI pattern to accommodate the time changes you make with this setting - i.e. half or double the length of the MIDI note.

* This was originally designed to generate unique rhythmic patterns, so use with a Drum Rack is recommended but not required. Any MIDI instrument will work.

* Place a Haste instance before a Drum Rack and offset input notes for each drum sound to generate unique rhythms.

* Alternatively, place an instance of Haste on individual drums and customize the settings for each voice to generate even stranger rhythms.

* You can choose the same value for Start and End and simply use it as a repeater for unique note lengths like 1/6.66 or 1/4.20


* UI revamp
* Added velocity line function. Draw a line and Haste will map the values to the velocities of the notes output over the selected interval. Or switch it off and Haste will output a fixed velocity based on the input note.
* Added Linear/Curved, Curve Param, and Skip settings. See descriptions above.
* Changed parameter labels: "Pitch Mod" is now "Pitch Mod Step" and "Mod Prob" is now "Pitch Mod"
* Changed Pitch Mod step values. Now allows for negative step values. Total range is -12st to 12st.
* UI / layout update to accommodate new settings

If you like the device and find it useful, consider tossing me a few bucks via the Gumroad link below. Included there is a bonus rack for Live 11 users that has some great snapshot presets to get you going.


Live Version Used: 11.2.11
Max Version Used: 8.5.2
Date Added: Jul 03 2021 08:07:59
Date Last Updated: Apr 27 2023 07:22:41
Downloads: 1131
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: Haste 1.2.1.amxd


Neat concept. Curious if it can be used for bouncing ball-style stuff and how it feels in action. Is there a demo video?

Also I think you intended to make the "URL (optional)" above go to (no "edit" at the end)
@Torley - Thanks for pointing out the URL error!

Yeah, it can feel like a bouncing ball depending on how you configure it. It can also feel quite a bit different as it has a lot of range in terms of its output.

I'm working on a video demo for it today so I'll link here when it's finished.
It doesn't seem to be working on 11.05 :-(
@Xenotron - Thanks for the feedback. I just tested on 11.0.5 for both Mac and Windows and it appears to work. What issues are you experiencing?
Me too can't make it work.. signal just seems not to pass thru. I have your Midi2drum and is work fine! thnx for that!
@leisurewear Is there a demo video yet? :)
Here's a demo video as requested. Sorry for any awkward explanations as this is my first demo video. I hope it helps resolve any issues you're having.
Thanks for the video! short and to the point.

Sadly I am on 11.0.5 and not getting any love either. Nothing seems to pass through haste.

@leisurewear You did good with your video! It's honest and clearly presented.

One recommendation I have for future videos is to increase the loudness of your voice, or lower the audio/music loudness, since it was hard to hear you narrate at times.

I think Haste could solve a problem I have with making sequences that need to get rather zippy, I've got to take it to extreme values.

Going to buy Haste now, thank you for creating this tool...
@Torley - Thank you for your support and feedback! I'll keep all of that in mind (and I might redo it at some point). Let me know if the device works for you as others are having difficulties. I'll be working on fixing this in the next few days so hopefully there will be an update shortly.

@leisurewear This is fun! Could you please consider extending the usable ranges so that:

(1) End Time could be set to higher than "127.00"

(2) Internal can be set to span a longer time than ".5n"

Say for example I want to have a very gradual acceleration happen over the course of 32 bars. If there's a way to do that currently that I'm missing, let me know.


I'm on 11.0.5b6 and it's working for me, worked out-of-the-box.
@Mashmore12 - Sorry to hear that! I'm working on it today and the rest of the week so hopefully I'll have a fix soon. Check back in a few days and maybe I'll have some news. Thanks for letting me know!
@Torely - I can definitely do (1), though (2) might be difficult. I will look into it though and try to come up with a creative solution. Thanks for your great suggestions.

Glad to hear it's working for you and thanks again for your support! You'll receive a notice from Gumroad when I push out the next version.
I believe I have a solution for the problems many of you are experiencing. Please download the latest version and let me know if it works for you.

Thank you for your help in improving this device!
Yeah it's working for me now! Big Thanks!
@leisurewear re: (2) I wonder if one way to approach it might be a global time factor multiplier (freely specifiable as a percentage, so like slow it down to 25% or speed it up to 500%), which could add even more zany time-based fun.
@leisurewear All seems to be working now! cheers!
@Torely - I will play around with your idea. The first item you requested was included in the last update. Let me know if you have any trouble.
@Torley - I added a Global Time setting as you requested. Let me know what you think.
@leisurewear Ah! Marvelous! Thank you. I got the Gumroad email update too, though it didn't have a direct link to the update, I was able to login to Gumroad and get 1.1.0 from there.

Global Time is working as expected for me, YES this is what I envisioned! Increased End Time to 256.00 is also useful, thank you.

The UI is still pretty compact and clean, though one oddity: Gate, Mod Prob, and swing all have a "lilac" color filling in the knob ring when they're at 0.00%. Global Time's knob colors are different and harder to see.
@leisurewear Global Time continues to work as-expected, which is to say, WONDERFULLY! As it stands, for anyone searching this database, Haste is an excellent and straightforward tool for getting results with "bouncing ball"-type effects, and the UI is a clean approach I prefer over others I've tried.

Other ideas that come to mind:

(1) Would be cool to have a way to adjust the "curve bias" (similar to other models where you can make a curve more "logarithmic" or "exponential")

(2) Adding in controls for velocity (so that it can fade in/out as it hastens) would add more expressivity, too.
Good to hear you're liking it!

I've been working on the curved vs. linear acceleration for a little while. It's coming eventually.

I'll play around with some velocity modding too.

Thanks for the suggestions.
@leisurewear WAY TO GO with Haste 1.2! Saw the email announcement you sent, and the curve bias is a lot of fun! THANK YOU!!!

Any progress on velocity modding? Would be real effective to be able to fade out a "bouncing ball"-type effect to silence, or make it increase in velocity as an intensifying transition effect.

Right now I'm working around that by freezing the output that Haste generates, then applying Ableton audio clip fades, or filter automation. I even have a recurring chain with XLN Audio's RC-20 so it can sound like something is hastening from a distance, then approaching closer and closer. :)
Also, "Skip" is cool for glitches and Geiger counter-adjacent madness. I'm trying out pairing that with Ableton's own Random MIDI effect to trigger different clicks 'n' cuts.
@Torley - Thanks! Glad you're enjoying the new features. The velocity stuff is next on the list. Sorry I wasn't able to get to it with this release. Hopefully it won't be too long of a wait.

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