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such a slick idea!

I feel live VCV Rack as a vst in ableton really really needs something like this!

That beloved Merged MIDI! love it Ableton!!!! lolz ;)

damn. Sold out? never seen that before lol. looks great tho! cheers

This looks fantastic and well thought out! Just curious if there are
Any lemur templates out there or plans/tips on integrating this with Mira or iPad/Tablet support? Looks like a GUI that I would love to have on a touchscreen.
Anywho happy holidays and lookin' good!

@justix66 I believe you need an iPad Pro

Holy Moses!

@leisurewear All seems to be working now! cheers!

Thanks for the video! short and to the point.

Sadly I am on 11.0.5 and not getting any love either. Nothing seems to pass through haste.


just picked this up. pretty damn cool and handy device!

Just a minor suggestion. for the 14.99 price tag maybe include some basic drum/rack presets? Im fine with how it is but could entice more customers for that plug and play experience.


picked this up yesterday and many thanks! this kicks ass. I still have a lot to explore but I am currently catching myself with a feature request.
there may be a work around which ill look into.

But I would love to be able to have fixed on and midi mapping a knob to the fixed faders. Seems I can map everything except that.
If it can't be done no worries! just creating a hands on midi map and this seems like a very interactive setup.

Thanks again and cheers!

yeah. to go to the effort of making a device and to give such a poor description... no thanks.

I am not meaning to be rude at all. If English is not your native language I would be more than happy to help you with a proper description.

If English is your native tongue... come on. do better.

OH MY! Just this week I came across the oopsy and electrosmith stuff and have been wanting so fucking bad! Thanks for sharing

hell yes! Im going to take this for a spin this evening I hope!

Ipad and or monôme grid interfacing is exactly what im looking for. thanks so much for sharing!

Some solid Mira support and im allll yours! looks great!

Very Clever little sample and hold device! im going to take for a spin here in a few! thanks for sharing

Think I'm going to give this a whirl with the Monome 128 this weekend! Looks amazing. Is the gird development you plan on spending time and energy on?

THis is a GREAT device. Very much looking forward to seeing this device grow. Cheers