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Name/Version: Mylon 1.0
Author: padlach  
Description: This is my mod of Nylon by cvolm. Nylon generates chords from single MIDI notes and then distributes them in time, creating a 'strum' effect.

This mod instead applies the strum effect to incoming MIDI chords, such as those generated by the Chord MIDI effect. It also works on chords in MIDI clips provided the chord notes arrive at exactly the same time (in other words quantize chords first).

You can use Ableton's arppegiator to do this, though the benefit of this method is that all notes in the chord will sustain until each note is released. I needed this for a project and had seen at least a couple comments on the original asking for this feature.

This was my first time using M4L and all I did was remove sections from the original and add only a small amount of new stuff. As far as I know this kind of modding is ok on this site, not intending to infringe on copyright.

All credit to cvolm:

Orginal device here:

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Downloads: 1966
Tags effect, utility
Live Version Used: 10.1.15
Max Version Used: 8.1.3
Date Added: Jul 01 2020 04:25:43
Date Last Updated: Jul 01 2020 05:01:00
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: Mylon.amxd


you are basically a god, thank you so much for this!!! just downloaded and will check out tonight after work. you are my hero of 2020 so far.

haha thanks rozze, that's an honour XD

I have already noticed one problem with it, if MIDI chords overlap (ie they aren't separated by at least some silence), the note-offs from the first chord will stop all notes from all chords. The original Nylon doesn't do this but depending on how you use it this might not be a problem.

Will be trying to fix it but I'm still well out of my depth in Max for now ha

Seriously....ty g this is amazing!!

This is wonderful! Might want to add a retrigger function though, maybe similar to the stock arpeggiator. Exactly what I was looking for, though.

So cool! Any chance the strum can be reversed (highest midi note first)? I crawled around under the hood for an hour or so, and accomplished little other than getting covered in digital grease, and think I might have lost some pliers somewhere in the manifold LOL)
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
cheers & blessings,

Got it! Bi-directional:


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