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Name | Version: Smartphones Passcode 1.0
Author: rjonline00
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Passcode is an input matching event sequencer. After you pass midi notes through it, hit the green “Set” button. This will set an 8 note string to lock its group of triggers. To advance the sequence you must input the correct midi note via an external note sequencer, midi keyboard or computer keys(C3-C4).
This method of sequencing allows you to hold events (env triggers, dial on/offs, notes from ring) until you want to play them, making your compositions timing much more dynamic.
Using passcode alongside the other smart phones devices, you’ll be able to write and perform extremely abstract and expressive music without ever touching live’s transport.

-Fixed mode issue where changing one affected the others.


Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: May 15 2020 16:38:22
Date Last Updated: Aug 27 2020 02:19:42
Downloads: 515
License: None
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Device File: pcode.amxd


What exactly is this? Your website doesn't have any info...
Sorry, description up now! Very excited to upload this one haha
I'm baffled by the fact that you guys spend so many hours working on these devises and don't bother creating a simple video to demo it's capabilities.
The video on your site freezes. I wish there were more explanation to this device
Hey Mec! Now that the core setup of smartphones devices is finished I plan on going way more in depth on their features and interactions with each other. There are some videos up now on instagram @rjonline00 but I think I might start uploading on YouTube as well. I am a one person developer so I do my best to get stuff up when I can.
hello, can I contact you via email or TG to ask you something, I tried to follow instructions after buying but it looks like I do not understand something ^^'


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