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Smartphones Ring Version 1.0
Smartphones Passcode Version 1.0
lil pup Version 3.0
Smartphones Env Version 1.0
Smartphones Dial Version 1.0
Smartphones TV Version 1.0
Smartphones Volume Version 1.0
Map Version 1.0
Smartphones Text Version 1.0
Lil Concepts Version 1.0
Smartphones Minutes Version 1.0

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Yes! I had to:) to use this as a “clock manipulator” loop a midi note and play it thru dial or passcode. Then send their pulse to vol with its pulse value set to 50. Changing the times and pulse value will give you a kind of off time clock/swing effect.

Oh! send one clock to everything via text!

That’s a good idea! It could output midi notes to drive a sequencer and have mappable speed to control tempo with an lfo or something.

Hey Mec! Now that the core setup of smartphones devices is finished I plan on going way more in depth on their features and interactions with each other. There are some videos up now on instagram @rjonline00 but I think I might start uploading on YouTube as well. I am a one person developer so I do my best to get stuff up when I can.

Sorry, description up now! Very excited to upload this one haha

Yesss! Good to hear!

Thank you Victor!!! I built dial with only trigger sequencing in mind but that is an AMAZING idea for another device. The send/receive environment is really open ended:)

Thank you ADYZAX!

Hey nev101, loop a single midi note and send it thru lil pup. It waits for a note before starting a sequence. You're not alone quickstart guide coming in v2.

Thanks so much plastikbjo! Yes it works really well with other midi effects too. My favorite is finding a slower setting on lil pup and running it thru xfer records Cthulhu for lots of pretty chords