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I wanted to make simple variations on a desired step, It's why I bought it... Please help Nando ...

Hello Nando, I just bought to you this one and and other one.
I'm pretty dissapointed about this one, it's not possible to automate the knobs because they influence all the steps... It's not normal...
If I automate the "signature", the "offbeat" or the "fundamental", it should just influence the desired step... Maybe a simple problem to resolve ?
Do you have a solution please ?
If not can you please send me an other device in compensation or send me a refund please.
Best regards. M

Ok, it was 10 years ago but a video for tutorial about the copy paste thing would still be amazing ^^"
thanks anyway

Ok It's working now but on the last update I canno see the LFOS waves...

Hello, there is a problem with the font on my computer. Fonts are buggy, and not the good size, so its not readable.
I added the font to the book font of my macbook pro.

Can you please help ?

Pretty sad about this.

hello, can I contact you via email or TG to ask you something, I tried to follow instructions after buying but it looks like I do not understand something ^^'



I'm interest in this one

If I put an random sample in it, can I tune it and play it to any choosen scale just by selecting the desired scale ? will this soft delete other frequencies than desired ones ?

Hello !

I love using it but it seem there is a problem , especially with "HarmoScale2Chord"

Somes notes are not sent, it miss one on three on certains degrees, Exemple F melo min : degree one.

Can you help ?
Did someone has the same problem ?