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video link???

The video on your site freezes. I wish there were more explanation to this device

I'm baffled by the fact that you guys spend so many hours working on these devises and don't bother creating a simple video to demo it's capabilities.

Thanks for this update. I'm a big fan of all your devices. Amazing work. Regarding the step sequencer, it would be great if it had a per step trigger mode. So it wouldd only advance when receiving a note on message and perhaps have it linked to be triggered by the Drum sequencer.

Unfortunately it's also now not going beyond 2 scenes.. it's just looping scene 2 over and over and won't venture into the "Next" scene.

Just bought it and unfortunately it crashes live 10.0.4 after I run the "Next" command. More specifically, when I try to change the length of the clip. Ableton crashes when the I click on the note to try to move it.