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Name | Version: SmartFrequencyShifter 1.0
Author: vulume
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Ring modulator/frequency shifter with pitch tracking/midi input and interval setting.

This began as an experiment. I figured if you can track the fundamental frequency of a signal, you can use a frequency shifter to effectively make a crude monophonic pitch shifter. Over time it turned into so much more, now a true ring modulation powerhouse for all your spectral experiments.


- Multiple tracking modes.
- Freeze tracking to easily tune the carrier to a base note.
- 4 ways to detune the carrier.
- 4 waveforms for the carrier, works for both ring modulation and frequency shifting.
- Delay the carrier tracking for a glitchy effect.
- Phaseshift or detune left and right carrier to create a stereo effect.
- Drive the input signal after analysis with builtin analog drive.

For midi input use the "Max MIDI Sender" from the "Max 7 Pitch and Time Machines" pack. I included a customized version in the zip but the original will work just fine.

Keywords: Octaver, distortion, pitch shifter, harmonizer, ringmodulator, ringmod, Ring Thing, Vitruvian, Ringmaster analog multiplier.


Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.1.2
Date Added: Mar 29 2020 14:05:14
Date Last Updated: Apr 04 2020 18:42:08
Downloads: 2980
License: Attribution
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Ooh, this looks exciting. Very cool.
I remember trying to use fzero~ at one point, but never had much luck with it. Then again, I was a novice and had little idea what I was doing. I do recall having a lot of success with Miller Puckette's fiddle~ object, but I was still too much of an amateur to do much with it beyond appreciating what an impressive tool it was.
could you upload a YT vid on how to properly use it?
musical results instantly! amazing device
Amazing work :) not sure how it really work yet but loving it
Top! THx for this.
This is great! I'm using it in max 8 and I'm trying to control various knobs etc. I can set the level of wet/dry and that's the only parameter which works. (got the names from getparams command). I get a 'bad number' in the max console for all the others. Is this intentional?

Cheers for sharing.
Also Phase, Drive, Source and Waveform work. I was hoping I could control pitch functions.

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