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Name/Version: Hollt SMPLR TRNS Automate Transient and Preserve 1.1.5
Author: holltmusic  
Description: The Hollt SMPLR / TRNS Max for Live plugin allows you to manipulate, automate and map the transient, whilst preserving mode, inside a Simpler device on a midi track.

Previously, as there was no option to get this done via automation inside Ableton, you had to do this manually. For example, when recording your transient envelope onto an audio track, you could not change it afterwards, as it’d be recorded audio. This Max for Live plugin solves this:

1) Load a Simpler device after this plugin, and make sure the order / position persists. (You can place midi effects in front of this plugin, but the Simpler device always has to be loaded after the Hollt SMPLR / TRNS Max plugin).

2) Hit the ‘Make It Work’ button, and you’re good to go. The plugin will change all the settings to the correct values inside the Simpler. (In case the Simpler is already loaded, and you place the plugin in front of it, it will automatically correct the values of the Simpler, in which case you don’t need to hit the button).

3) If you remove, replace or swap the plugin or the Simpler, make sure the Simpler is placed after the Hollt SMPLR / TRNS Max plugin and hit the ‘Make It Work’ button again.

Device Details

Tags effect
Live Version Used: 10.0.6
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Feb 21 2020 12:09:59
Date Last Updated: Feb 22 2020 17:02:08
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): None


Very cool!

Thank you @broah!

It would be courteous of you to tell people it's not free.

@asymptote Well, after a simple follow it is. Do you see any payment?

hey, thanks for making this, was waiting for someone to make this for years :)

only one question... is it possible to make it work with a drum rack or instrument rack? I can make it work only with one sample, not with instrument or drum racks... That would be awesome.

So you could play multiple loops, with this and jugbeat... years and years of jungle fun :) Is it possible?

@basstek you're welcome!

Yes, that would be possible I think, but it really looks to the settings of the Simpler. So, if there is a device other than a Simpler, the plugin would not work anymore.

But I could make it work to place it inside a drum rack / group, so you can place more of them and assign the knobs of the plugin to a macro for example :)

Let me know your thoughts.

Love this device!! Is so nice to play around with sliced up samples in simpler to get that nice short decay sound going and automate it during a song.
I was wondering if it would be possible(perhaps a separate device) to access the same thing inside an audio clip? So if I have an audio channel with a couple of audio clips in it for live sets it would be amaaaazing to be able to manipulate the transient envelope of all the clips with a knob inside that channel.

@Persabersa thank you for your nice words! Glad you like it:)

The preserve mode inside an Audio channel clip is unfortunately not possible in Ableton..

But you could insert your audio file inside the Simpler (make sure that it is in a 1 or 2 bars length for example), then draw a middle C (C3) in the length of the sample (1 or 2 bars) and then trigger the clip.

That's basically the same and you could use this in your live set!

Ah I see :( I really hope they unlock that in the next version of ableton.
Of course! For some reason I thought I needed to splice it up for the transients to work. Works nicely!
I do however have some problems with the device when its inside a instrument rack or a drum rack in my case. I would like to have multiple audio loops on the same channel(gonna be limited to 8 in total, so all leads on one channel, all bass on one etc) so I figured a drum rack and then just automating the pitch of the drum rack per clip to change sample. But it doesnt seem to want to connect inside a drumrack(placing it infront of the simpler). Is there some workaround for that?
Thanks again!


Do you think it would be possible to update the device to support being inside a drum rack?

So glad I found this! Didn't realise I couldn't automate the transients in warp mode. Lifesaver!! Thank you so much for this, very useful device!

Glad you like it @impauseable!

@Persabersa I'm working on a v2 version of this plugin, I'll try to implement that as well:)

download doesn't even work

For me the download still works, christiaan.

Just DL'd it........ This works a treat!!! THX! :)

wowwww this exactly what ive been searching for. amazing. thanks a lot for making this work!! however i dont like the follow-to-download method. it rather annoys me than invites me to listen to the music. i'd rather had paid a little. maybe consider switchting to gumroad and leaving the decision of following someone to their own :)

Works like a charm!
thank you so much!

chrome says its a virus and wont let me download

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