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its ok i found the library i needed to add it

for windows


how do i add add the es*encoder~ externals to Max?

link isnt working?

is there a free version?

i believe I found a bug with poly mode, midi notes get stick and keep retriggering, i dont have a contact email so i cant PM.

could you make a device to do the same function on an audio clip in Ableton?

that wold be pretty amazing!

can it be automated?

it will be cool to have repitch as an option actually, switching between repitch and beat mode is a good combo

do you think you can allow paypal payments please?


its ok, I just change the font size in max.... my first ever programming adventure!!!

the GUI format seem to be messed up for ableton 11

the Typhon logo now restricts use of some knobs

thank you!

or Ma'am :-)

Dear Mr Render,

I just wanted to thank you for creating this device, it helps me a lot to use my poly 61 in Ableton.

You are awesome sir!

Thanks so much for this, is there any way you can update this version so all 6 channels can be edited? This would be a massive help if possible.