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Do you think it would be possible to update the device to support being inside a drum rack?

Ah I see :( I really hope they unlock that in the next version of ableton.
Of course! For some reason I thought I needed to splice it up for the transients to work. Works nicely!
I do however have some problems with the device when its inside a instrument rack or a drum rack in my case. I would like to have multiple audio loops on the same channel(gonna be limited to 8 in total, so all leads on one channel, all bass on one etc) so I figured a drum rack and then just automating the pitch of the drum rack per clip to change sample. But it doesnt seem to want to connect inside a drumrack(placing it infront of the simpler). Is there some workaround for that?
Thanks again!


Love this device!! Is so nice to play around with sliced up samples in simpler to get that nice short decay sound going and automate it during a song.
I was wondering if it would be possible(perhaps a separate device) to access the same thing inside an audio clip? So if I have an audio channel with a couple of audio clips in it for live sets it would be amaaaazing to be able to manipulate the transient envelope of all the clips with a knob inside that channel.