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Name/Version: Knobmath 1.2
Author: TheM  
Description: Control parameters in Live with multiple control devices like Envelope Followers, Envelope Generators, LFOs or (unlinked) Envelope curves.

Add , fade or process them in multiple ways.


1.Think what makes sense in a musical/rhythmic matter
2. Try it
Use modulations (LFOs) on Knob 2,3,4 with the calculation-setting on "+" and map momentary Midi-toggles to the Faders right to the Knobs


The calculations go 1-> 2-> 3-> 4
The product of the knobvalue (0-1) and its corresponding Factor and Fader calculates with the result of the previous calculations (Bypass, +, -, *, /, ^)

Update 1.2: Added 3 Faders to the Knobs (look above in the description). Introduced "Ghost Objects" to guarantee a tight and easier Midi/Key-Mapping

Update 1.1: Removed a Feedback Loop which would overload the CPU especially with Envelope Curves

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Downloads: 960
Tags utility, other
Live Version Used: 9.2
Max Version Used: 7.0.5
Date Added: Sep 01 2015 06:08:46
Date Last Updated: Sep 02 2015 17:05:46
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: Knobmath 1.2.amxd


regarding the mathematical function symbols, I can identify the meaning for all above:
+ = addition
- = subtraction
* = multiplication
/ = division
^ =...err... can't find what this one represents! can you tell me? is it a "to the power of" symbol? if not, what?


Yes its the exponential function.
The incoming number gets raised to the power of the knobvalue.


Wicked, cheers.

This is absolutely fantastic. Shame its not built in, it unlocks so much macro potential

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