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Nancarrows Delay HWood Edit Version 0.1
Density Feedback Loop Version 0.1

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Really like this, it's doing the Undo buffer fill thing though. Other than that, really quick to get get things mapped & moving fast, I was looking for something that did roughly this, cheers.

Very nice, cheers! Works great racked in parallel too.

Wicked, cheers.

This is so very useful, one of my most-used devices for sure. I hacked it together with zb.densityModulation as I use them together a lot. It's here:
Thanks again, great device.

Hey, thanks for this, I use it quite a bit with generative work!
I hacked it together with Rnd's Density as I found I used them together a lot. It's here if you'd like a look:

I've done an edit of this at

Solves stuck notes, tempo ratio passing, added separate randomisation for pitch, delay and duration, and tidied the code somewhat.