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Knobmath Version 1.2
Notepad Audio Version 1.2
Notepad Midi Version 1.2
Notefilter Version 1.2
3-Band EQ Version 1.2

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It´s one device with two modes. Click the arrow-button in the top right corner

You can set the Max Text-module to 2 modes.
In the first you have the problem that you cant store the text in specific lines like here.
In the second it creates " \" signs on every load.
In my Notepad i could make a workaround tho

Hey, as you can read in the update-notes i fixed it.
That was pretty painful:
Filtering out the " \" signs with regular expressions, and routing the text through the single module (except Javascript) in Max which can set the text of the notepad without adding new " \" signs to it.. :P

Yes its the exponential function.
The incoming number gets raised to the power of the knobvalue.