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Macro ASR envelope generator Version 1.0

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Awesome stuff! hope to see Replika-XT soon :)

Really nice device. shame it doesnt utilise live.banks for the push, but its easy enough to add yourself

This is GREAT! thanks for this, like @hatyn said, this will be extremely helpful for building my own push2 devices

This is great, is it possible to have a midi effect version rather than an audio plugin?

This is really cool but would be nice if it had a thru/mute toggle

@electrodaimon I think i managed to fix this by changing the "unit style" on the live.dial for curve from Int to Float

There is no way to download this device

Its good, but the curve window could be a lot better. Difficult to get precise values and would be nice if the curve was built into the device rather than as a separate window

I am also having issues with the macros not working when the track is being rendered. Works when playing in realtime.

Great device, but it seems like when transportation has started, it doesnt apply the current settings.

For example, having quantisation set to pass, the device will still quantise when stopping and starting until you enable and re-disable quantisation via the button

Doesn't work in arrangement view

EXACTLY what i've been looking for! fantastic thank you

This is absolutely fantastic. Shame its not built in, it unlocks so much macro potential

This is great. One suggestion that would be huge would be the ability for a button to map to multiple single params. that would allow me to trigger multiple different buttons with a single press from a midi controller