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Name/Version: Nerd Electro 1.2
Author: happytosh  
Description: Polyphonic subtractive synth with analog vibe!

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Nerd Electro is great for analog sounding chords with slightly off tune character and subtle changes in timbre over time. One great feature is the ability to glide between the various oscillators with the mix-dials without altering the output volume. You can also get a lot of crazy experimental sounds going on with all the many modulation possibilities and the extreme settings they allow.

- Three oscillators per voice. (Currently: Saw, Square and variable shape triangle-wave)
- Two LFOs. (Modulate mix between oscillators A+B, modulate wave shape of osc C, modulate pitch + special combined LFO options for filter-LFO)
- Detune section with wobble.
- Aftertouch controllable filter frequency.
- Individual ring modulator for each oscillator.

Please let me know if everything works for you or if there is something you are missing or don't like :)

I will answer any questions (and possibly make changes) if there are some functions you don't understand, so please just ask!

If you use Nerd Electro in any of your music I would love to hear it! If I like it I will be happy to promote it on the Facebook product-page :)

1.0 Changes:
- Filter dial fixed
- Preset no longer loads at startup and no longer automatable.
- "Scale" changed to "EG int". This value now works exactly like the EG int of Nerd Bass: The EG goes upwards from the filter frequency. Filter-"Freq"+"EG int" = The topmost value after attack. Note-off will bring you back to the filter-frequency after release, or if sustain is 0% the frequency will return after decay is done.

0.5.0 beta Changes:
- Initial state no longer loads at startup. (Parameters will remain where you left them.)

0.4.9 Changes:
- Overdrive toned down
- Bug fixes

0.4.8 Changes:
- Fixed presets

0.4.7 Changes:
- Bug fixes and improvements
- Name changed to just "nerd electro.amxd". Version now inside device instead.

0.4.6 changes:
- Some things that were broken in the previous release have now been fixed
- Added Preset Selection Menu with cool preset names!

0.4.5 changes:
- Added Overdrive!
- Ui improvements

0.4.4 changes:
- Reworked Ui
- Improved presets
- Bug fixes

0.4.2 changes:
- Improved presets

0.4.1 changes:
- Bug fixes
- Ui improvements
- Added presets

There are no more known bugs!
I have no more features planned for Nerd Electro 1. I will do bug fixes if anyone finds any.

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Downloads: 6108
Tags synth
Live Version Used: 9.5.1
Max Version Used: 7.1.0
Date Added: Aug 29 2014 15:32:22
Date Last Updated: Jun 11 2016 10:58:45
Average Rating (6) 5
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Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercial

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Device File: Nerd Electro Lite.amxd


Very Cool device!

Thank you!
I just uploaded version 0.3.1 with some Ui improvements :)

Very good
Thx for sharing.

First of all, thanks for sharing this one, I really like it, a lot of potential, and the sounds you can achieve with a the filtering and the LFO is really nice and crystal clear!

I think the design which is more of a detail, or aesthetic question, could get improved I think. I really like the original for a reference here. I think Clavia have a kind of simplicity and aesthetic that is very comforting and inviting, that's one thing I love about their synths apart from the great sound of course.

So looking at the original, I would go way more minimalistic in design, for example, use a dark gray lower background, that will fill the gaps between modules, and the lighter gray that will be the background of each module, and if at all, red, I would only use it as a tiny frame around the whole structure and/or replace the Sand color you used with red. I would try to make each section so that it's clearly defined. Again looking at the Original User Library ?Electric from AAS? sort of has that look, except for the red.
I could try to draw something or put something together to give a better idea of what I?m trying to say.

Another thing, which is also only aesthetic, is the frames that get generated around selected elements, overlaps the design, It would be very cool if those would all sit in nicely. Meaning a hell lot of fiddling and resizing. But again those are only design related but still would make for a much better look, feel and user-friendliness I imagine.

Hey thanks for the detailed review of the interface Anivia!

I did actually originally have much less red in the design, and I don't really like that much red in the design either. I will focus on more simplicity and nicer colours in the next update of the design :)

If you want to sketch a design I would love to check it out!


Great, I will definitely look into this over the weekend ;)

like it bunches. if you're willing to put in the work, look into pattr with the bindto attribute and the parent::(scripting-name) syntax as its name. Putting them in a subpatcher with a send and receive combo can make things a lot easier to look at, with other uses. I'm particularly curious how you're envelope is being pushed into poly after seeing the sustain patch, kudos on keeping things in max without msp for so long.

Nice, thanks for sharing !

Thanks for the tips Monetus! I'm not sure that I understand all you are saying, but I will look into it when I can :)
(I'm pretty much learning Max on my own as I'm making this, so no wonder if some of my patching is strange or even plain bad :P)

I just uploaded the beta version of my synth if you would like to see how I organized the UI without patch cords

Thanks a lot Monetus!!

Thanks a lot for the update, looks and feels really good now :)

I absolutely love this synth! Would be even cooler with a noise generator ;)

Thanks! I will see what I can do about that! I have an idea of a cool way to implement it :)

Here is a link to Nerd Electro Lite Beta. It has added noise-generator and some other improvements!

Google drive link:

Great synth, I dig it! Sometimes it's fun being late to the party, the discovery its endless! Fantastic work on this one!

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