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FrankShotFreddy Version 2.1.8

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Those lights

try putting this before/after convolution reverb. THANK YOU

Post if you use this and I will try to help promote what you make.

thanks again

damn my sleep deprived brain, should have just waited till the morning. Re-uploaded. Will work on the many needed features for another upload tonight

I suspect the problems lie in the old envelope. There is a new one, and it should be initialized right off the bat. STILL VERY BETA sorry please help debug, this thing is awesome

You're sure the envelope was set? It should self-initialize now, but I think I will try another method or two for that. I am going to upload a debug version of this device along with the mono version I am building up to. Hopefully the debug build will let you isolate why the sound is doing that, but feel free to post anything you think might be helpful.

There is not much initialization outside of a preset (2.0) and It needs complete reinitialization upon changing the voice number. I have been working through a pattr system and will fix that soon

thanks bunches for feedback, OS? I made on windows but am going to debug on mac as well

This should be working now. All feedback is appreciated.

I just uploaded the beta version of my synth if you would like to see how I organized the UI without patch cords

like it bunches. if you're willing to put in the work, look into pattr with the bindto attribute and the parent::(scripting-name) syntax as its name. Putting them in a subpatcher with a send and receive combo can make things a lot easier to look at, with other uses. I'm particularly curious how you're envelope is being pushed into poly after seeing the sustain patch, kudos on keeping things in max without msp for so long.

Hey, thanks for this, I've used his videos myself. I believe you need to freeze everything together and then update however, the bpatchers and poly abstraction were not included. cycling 74 has a bunch of forum posts on it now; looking forward to this.