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Devices by cello

LOTOS Fx Version 1.1
LOTOSsynt Version 1.2
2 Strong Version 1.0
MAX DRUM Version 1.0
MAXBASS Version 1.1
Pat Seq 8.3 Version 1.0
Shiva Version 1.0
Key Modulator Version 3.0
Press Modulator Version 2.0
PolyMax Version 1.0
D. Seq Version 1.0
M.Seq Version 1.0
Scale Seq Version 1.0
Seq Ring Modulator Version 1.5
Max Lead Synt Version 1.5
Midi input modulator Version 1.0
Cello Midiinputer Version 1.0
Cello Audioeffekt Ringmodulator Version 1.0
V-Max Version 1.0
Wavescanner Version 2.5
Cello Resonator Version 1.0
GroupOutputrouter Version 1.0
Api Canalstrip Version 1.0
Kontroller Version 1.0
Mono Poly Steparp Version 2.1
Syntcontrol Version 1.5
MonoString Version 1.0
MonoPhase Version 1.0
Chakra Frequency Oscilator Version 2.0
Brainwave Generator Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 34,957

Comments by cello


@Aya Thanks 🙏

It works. Sorry.

Very good device. But the looper dosent work. I am on Windows

This is very good. I search long time for this.

Thanks for rating

For aftertouch use my other device

I have a Fs1r.
Whating for more...

Update 2.0 out now

Very good
Thx for sharing.

Update 1.5 out now.
New holdbutton, woks same as the Abletonarpholdbutton.

Thx for testing.
The hold button comes with the next update.

Yes nice one, maby i make a Synt with this Waveformgenerator.

Yes i like it

cant open

V. 2.5.
New deklicking algoritmus out now

Real good device thx.
I use a part from your code for my new maxsynt, is tis ok?


Update 2.0.
New Gui.

Do it.

Update 1.9 out now.

Hallo Cool dich hier zu sehen.
Lg Cello

New Update 1.5 out now

@frith thk

Forget to freez sorry
Now it works. I think so....
@ redo and neon breath. Please download again and give me a short feedback. Thx and sorry again.


Update 1.5 add presets and bugfixes


Dont see the Pictures

Great Thx.

Poly pressure dont works in Ableton Live sorry.
Use div. midichanels.

Nice gui
But the patch are a little messy.

V. 3.0 Out now.

I like this tool.
Use it a lot.

New and mabey last update 2.0 out now.
To lek: thx for comment.

i have a mpd 26 but i dont understand your devices.

Update 1.5
New control a second parameter with velocity.
Only takes velocity values from the keyranges.
"Press key" is made for changes keyranges with the keyboard.

Sounds cool.

@ modul8tor
thx for this idea.
But i use the device in drumracks and record the beats as audioloops.
I think the device wil be to big and to complikate with sample/folder.
Mabey i use in a other patch.

Ps: My name is Cello

I now this is not a tricky Patch.
But the sound is very good and useful.
I only rebild my favorite live effectrack in max and put a nice picture on it.
To verstaerker: At the moment i programm a new patch more tricky, the name is "Kali" comming soon...

Yeah i like the indian goods.

To lek
thx. for the positive feedback.

The Playback from the Stepseqenzer?
The Playback changes with the Pattern Changes Quantisize,
if you set on 16n the Pattern and the Visual changes very fast.

"2 Strong" are out now.
Posted a new Synt with better kontroll and nice FM Sounds.