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Name/Version: Multimapper32Audio 2.7
Author: mothergarage  
Description: A 32 dial version of my MultiMapper device with tabbed UI.

Map any midi-mapable control to the dials. You can save and randomize presets as well as morph the first four presets with an x/y pad.

V1.1: Min and max now work as as offsets.
V1.1.1: UI fixes.
V1.5.1: Added x/y pad to morph the first four presets. The old morping dial is dismissed.
V1.5.2: Bug & UI fixes.

V1.5.3: Map button now toggles the mapping window.

V1.7: Added button to toggle the morphing pad. Bugfix: The init buttons are now working as expected.

V1.8: Added Numbox to load presets.

V2: BIG UPDATE! Added curves for each dial, which you set in the "Curves" window. Clear, copy or paste them or clear them all. Added a "Master Dial" for each bank, which turns all eight dials at once. Added a reset button "!" to set the whole device back to its initial state.

V2.0.2: Bugfixes

V2.0.3: Bugfixes

V2.1: The button above each dial lets you set the current setting as an individual Inital value. So if you hit the DEL key on your keyboard the dial resets to this value. UI cosmetics.

V2.2: Added Mira support.

V2.5: Bugfixes. UI updates. The curves now reset to linear.

V2.6: The floating windows now open in the center of the screen.

V2.7: Updated Curves window. You can now snap the points of the curve to a grid of variable size. You can loop the curve over various bars. The corresponding dial is deactivated during loop-mode to avoid interferences. Thanks Tom Cosm [] for the inspiration and part of the code!

Part of the x/y code from XY Send Nodes revised by cosmoddd.

Known issues: Push doesn't correctly display the renamed dials and the crossfader can't be mapped.

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Downloads: 2560
Tags utility, push
Live Version Used: 9.7.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.3
Date Added: Jun 05 2014 07:57:24
Date Last Updated: Jul 19 2017 01:34:12
Average Rating (2) 4
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercial

Device Files

Device File: MultiMapper32Audio V2.7.amxd


Looks like a useful device. Do the presets store information about the mappings or the values of the macros?

As of now only the values of the macros are stored.

cool. thx very much for the update.


i gave this a try, and found that the individual curves per dial are not independent, and all the curves are as if a global envelopes for the four knobs. the midi version works, though i'd like to be able to nest the audio version into a rack with the effects that i would like it to control. just wondering if there is a reason why the audio version isn't working for me. i'm running 9.5, 64bit.


Thanks for reporting. There was a loose cable ;) Should be fixed now.

Hello, first of all I want to thank the enormous talent and work of your devices, your multimaper should be integrated in ableton;), I have built many racks with them, but I have detected some errors, I do not know if it is because of my upgrade to ableton 10.

in version 2.1
when I open the window of the curves and the mapping window does not appear with the full size, and it does not allow me to see all the content.

in version 2.7
I realized that when you copy a curve and paste it in another place, it is copied in all the others, for example if you paste it in macro A1, it is pasted in B1, C1, D4.

and only works the first 8 knobs from bank A

I wish you could fix this problem
I can gladly donate some money.
Greetings from Mexico

Good !! this is great. An innocent question. What is the difference between MultiMap MIDI and MultiMap Audio?

It would be great to add the ability to map (!) Initialize. In live performance, it could be used after generating several fxs without having to move all the knobs.

The buttons CA, C, S, L that function meet?


Great device!

Small bug report: macro knob names can be changed, but this doesn't show up on the Push 2 display. They stay as 'MACROA1' etc.

Hi - I really love the device - I am trying to incorporate into my live setup. Are there any instructions you have put together. I am really puzzled on how I store and recall presets - I would be very grateful if you could throw som e light on this.

I think I worked it out - Shift click the preset button

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