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Green Switch Audio Version 3.0
Green Switch MIDI Version 3.0
Note Displacer Version 1.0
BluBlocker - Block specific values on a parameter Version 1.0
Solo Version 1.0

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Hi, I'm the author JGJP, thanks for your comment.
Unfortunately I'm not maintaining my devices anymore, and this feature of checking the status of the parent group may or may not be possible with M4L's implementation. I would recommend having a look through the documentation or asking around on Max MSP's forums for help.

Thanks for the comment Synnack!


I'm not the author but I found the same thing and managed to fix it by editing the device, all you have to do is delete the line between the max value box and the message box above it that says "1" then it'll work. That's all.

Looks like a useful device. Do the presets store information about the mappings or the values of the macros?

This looks a lot like uarp

Would love to have this working on windows 7, could really benefit from a tool like this..


sorry for the late reply.
your automation should start working again if you press the "Re-Enable Automation" button that's next to Live's main transport controls.
Green Switch won't overwrite your automation unless you use it when recording with automation arm.


Excellent, well I've uploaded a preliminary version of the device that should work in most circumstances. For a full explanation and to download it follow the link:

Let me know how it works out and if it causes any problems!

LMX, I've put together a dedicated device that just controls the solo state of a track, allowing you to automate it, I just need to run it through some more tests and get it to play nice with the Green Switch then I'll upload it.

Hi LMX, I'm glad this device is helping you out, I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly, but about the audio tracks, you need to use a separate device I've made that goes into audio tracks, you can find it on the Green Switch page on my site at the bottom of the page, above the link for the MIDI device.

"Basically, looking for a way to automated solo button information, a major request of Ableton users for a decade!!"

I think this would be good as a separate device, I've never had a need to automate the solo function and I don't know why Ableton don't include it but it really shouldn't be that difficult to do, I'll try to knock something up in the next week or so!


I've included the solo function in version 2 of the device which you can download from the same page as before, enjoy!

Let me know if you run into any problems or want to request another feature.


Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you like my device.

About the solo switch, that's an interesting suggestion, I'll look into it and will comment here again if it seems possible.

Instant drum solo!

Does this work on Windows 7?