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Fixed Length Clip Record Version 1.1

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Comments by SOUPSOUNDS


Just checking if anyone had got this working with a matrix 6r

I think I worked it out - Shift click the preset button

Hi - I really love the device - I am trying to incorporate into my live setup. Are there any instructions you have put together. I am really puzzled on how I store and recall presets - I would be very grateful if you could throw som e light on this.

Thanks for making this. I used the variations for the first time the other day and I thiught why can't you select indivual variations and I was just about to start creating a max for live device to do it - but hey presto - you beat me too it.

Hi - Have just updated it so it actually works - hopefully - I have tested it a few times and so far so good. Also changes input from Auto to In when armed and back to Auto when clip finished. The device also Unmutes and zeros first 6 sends when armed.

Ignore last comment - I was just sending a Cntl 127 message rather than an on/off.

It does seem to be pretty erratic - takes several triggers to get it to work. Any ideas how to modify - so it just takes one trigger to arm the device.

Hi, I have just noticed that the midi mapping doesn't work properly on this device. You can map the parameters - But it won't respond when you trigger them - any thoughts gratefully received.

Hi - Your device looks dead neat and useful. A few problems which I have been having.

1. It selects the current clip when the "Current" is selected but it wont then change any of the parameters I tried altering - loop length and pitch. - These both work ok when I use the "fixed clip" option.

2. When using it in Fixed mode I tried to change the channel by midi - but there is no linear relation to the channel number - so e.g if I send a cc value of "2" it ends up on channel 5

If these things worked the device would be fantastic

Best - Soupsounds