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Name | Version: NRPN Gen 0.3
Author: gbravetti
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Edir: just released NRPN Gen 2 v1.0
Just search for it here


Custom MIDI NRPN Messages Generator (x8)

Useful to control/automate external hardware's parameters that are only accessible via NRPN MIDI messages. i.e. Prophet 8, DSI Tetra, etc. etc. etc.

ATTENTION! At this moment this device works in one direction only: from Ableton to your external hardware, this device won't react to changes on the hardware (Yet!).

Usage Guide:

- Create a MIDI track and set it's output to the external hardware you want to control, set the proper MIDI channel also.

- Load the "NRPN Gen" device on that track.

- Select an unused NRPN control number (Ctl.#) by clicking on it, and use the keyboard to enter the NRPN control number. Refers to your gear's MIDI implementation table to get proper values.

- Now you can use or the 7bit or the 14bit parameter BOXES to send NRNP values to your external Hardware.

7bit and 14bit parameter boxes are provided to give a better usage of the CLIP's envelopes area, anyway to get the best of the envelope's area and/or MIDI controllers I advise you to create a Rack for the device... -> While "NRPN Gen" device is selected press CMD+G to create a Rack containing the device.

Now within a Rack you can map Rack's Macro knobs to the 14bit parameter and use the Macro knobs instead. By doing this you'll get:

- By renaming the Macro Knobs you´ll get "Custom parameter's names" useful when automating several envelopes at the same time on the arrangement.

- Setting Min and Max limits on the Macro Mapping will make better use of the envelope area and the Macro knob itself, i.e. when when automating a short range parameter, like OSC Octave (-4 to +4), or when using 14bit value parameters, where the range is very short in relation to the full 14bit range, i.e. Dave Smith Tetra's Filter Frequency goes from 0 to 164 so you need 14bit value but just a very short range of it.

Also is a good idea to use generic MIDI controllers attached to a min-max limited Macro Knob instead of the NRPN Gen parameter's boxes. You can adjust min - max for MIDI mappings too, but the chance of something wrong happens (i.e. accidentally assignments) is bigger, and don't forget the Clip's envelopes area's usage problem. So, do use a limited Rack's Macro Knob instead! ;)

If I got some positive feedback for this device I'll add full bidirectional support with MIDI learning features, custom limits (w/automation), etc., dunno about custom parameter names (have to check that one).

Comment or questions? Feel free to write to: gbravetti at, or contact me at my Facebook page.


Live Version Used: 9.1.1
Max Version Used: 6.1.3
Date Added: Mar 06 2014 20:42:00
Date Last Updated: Jul 22 2018 03:33:43
Downloads: 4

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License: Attribution
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Thanks for sharing this device ! I use 10 instances of NRPN Gen to Control and morph a Prophet 12 with Konkreet Performer. Great job!
thx for this great device!

would you mind sharing your konkreet performer preset? i just got my prophet and would love to try that out but since i have KP i don`t had the time to dive deeper into it (of course this has to change :-) )
Hi gbravetti,

I tested your patch with a trial version of Live 9/M4L/Max 6 on my work computer.

I only own Live 8/M4L/Max 5, two questions -

1. Will this work in Live 8 without MidiOx/MidiYoke other internal routing applications.
2. When testing - it seemed to still only be outputting 7bit values - as the sound stepped every 128 values. Is this expected/intended and is behavior a limitation of Live?

the device is intended for Max6, not sure if it works on 5, may be with some small changes, at the end is pretty simple.

for each "control" the device sends two 7 bit values that your hardware interprets as 14bit value so it can`t be a limitation of live.
Hi gbravetti,
Thanks for your response.
I understand how it works - and you're right, I just tested it in Max 6 trial outside of Live and I'm seeing the same behavior.
What I'm asking, is if you or anyone has noticed that there is "stepping", every 128 values? - I'm testing it with a Korg Electribe ERII.
Unless it is my hardware - if it steps every 128 values it defeats the purpose of using 14bit NRPNs.
Hi gbravetti,

Apologies - it turns out it IS a limitation of my hardware - the Korg isn't transmitting the Data Entry LSB, so I can only assume it uses 7bit NRPNs - which is a bit disappointing.
thank you so much for this device!

i use it with a alesis andromeda analog synth.

in the midi manual of andromeda i see some parameters have a NRPN range about 65535 values

but in NRPNgen it seem i can have only 16383 value, is normal ? is it editable ?

thank again!
i need your help !!

im trying to modify your patch to make it work with the micro korg but im failing im trying to get your patch to avoid using the data LSB as the synth doesnt support those message and it doesnt work

if you can help thanks
this device is a LIFE SAVER

i just linked my Pro 2 to my Push 2 and life is GOOOOD

please do a bidirectional one. i would love you forever.
Thanks for this!
I'll use it with my OB-6.
I really hope you will make it work both ways so I can take full advantage of it.
supernice - now i can switch Tetra's polychain on and off via midi !!
thanks !!
Thank you for making this!

Now I can finally switch A/B stacking on/off on my Prophet 08, which is pretty essential with many patches.

For some reason if I drop it on the same track with the External Instrument device, audio from the Prophet 08 is muted. So I have to create a new MIDI channel for this. (The same thing happens with the ExternalMIDIControl CC MFL device.)

Two-way messaging sure would be great, but the main thing is that I can now save the full P08 patch state with my projects, so I'm happy :-)

BTW, the filename is "RNPN Gen" :-)

It works GREAT with the LinnStrument !!

Cant thank you enough!!


Just released NRPN gen 2
I am trying to automate my Arturia Keylab mk2 with this device. When I hit lrn the plugin recognizes my Keylab but when I change the values on the plugin the Keylab does not change. Sorry if this is confusing. I’m pretty new to this stuff.

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