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Thanks very much for this - unfortunately I'm only borrowing a friends Alpha Juno1.
Strangely - the deveice worked amazing the first time I used it - but now I seem to only be able to control program changes and portamento (on/off and time) no other parameters are working.

I know you just said you're really busy - sorry. Does anyone else have any ideas?


Hi gbravetti,

Apologies - it turns out it IS a limitation of my hardware - the Korg isn't transmitting the Data Entry LSB, so I can only assume it uses 7bit NRPNs - which is a bit disappointing.

Hi gbravetti,
Thanks for your response.
I understand how it works - and you're right, I just tested it in Max 6 trial outside of Live and I'm seeing the same behavior.
What I'm asking, is if you or anyone has noticed that there is "stepping", every 128 values? - I'm testing it with a Korg Electribe ERII.
Unless it is my hardware - if it steps every 128 values it defeats the purpose of using 14bit NRPNs.

Hi gbravetti,

I tested your patch with a trial version of Live 9/M4L/Max 6 on my work computer.

I only own Live 8/M4L/Max 5, two questions -

1. Will this work in Live 8 without MidiOx/MidiYoke other internal routing applications.
2. When testing - it seemed to still only be outputting 7bit values - as the sound stepped every 128 values. Is this expected/intended and is behavior a limitation of Live?